IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry

IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry

This year’s IFSEC perfectly illustrated current trends in the industry of security systems and security technology. And those trends not only relate to innovation and technology. The consecutive absence of several major industry players at the trade show floor is illustrative of the significant shift in marketing approach. The overwhelming amount of international trade shows, the increase in fierce competition in several industry categories, the fast pace of innovation and the existence of alternative online and offline marketing channels, have resulted in altered marketing approaches by several large vendors.

SecIndGroup.com at IFSEC 2019

IFSEC however remains one of the leading events and the participating vendors had much to show. In general it is clear that cloud based access control and video management are getting more accepted. Facial recognition is getting more popular. And the possibilities of processing video images and generate security related data and functionality keep expanding. We can’t cover all that vendors had to show, but let’s look at some of the exemplary highlights.


One of the most impressive demos of the show could be witnessed at the booth of Digicon. The Brazilian manufacturer of, amongst others, turnstiles and smart access gates prepared a demo with a new overhaul infrared device that is capable of quite accurately tracking the position and movement of people underneath it. By combining the position with information from identification devices like card readers and biometric scanners, they demonstrated that the were capable of leaving their gates open and only close them in events where unauthorized access was detected, like tailgating.

Digicon – Export Sales Bernardo Balejos Frantz


Czech company Biosmart specializes in biometrics. At IFSEC they reveiled their 3D face recognition BioSmart 3DFace. The system is capable of running standalone, but can also be connected to a server. CEO Aleksandr Dremin kindly showed it live at the booth and explained that the company has invested in combining great design with good performance.

Biosmart - CEO Aleksandr Dremin
Biosmart – CEO Aleksandr Dremin


French RFID specialists STid are of those companies that have a released a great amount of new products and ideas to the industry. Their mobile access systems Mobile ID has a lot of unique features, like the support of five different gestures to activate the app on the smartphone. Their newest reader line can be used for mobile access, but also as traditional card readers. Through the application of a wide variety of ‘skins’ the appearance of the readers can be fully customized.


Stid - Kym Khan and Francois Gitz
Stid – Kym Khan and Francois Gitz


Cypress Integration Solutions, famous for their wireless readers, extenders, interfaces and other smart devices for access control and security installations were also exhibiting at IFSEC. Paul Ahern was there and spoke to many people about OSDP. One thing that is often overlooked is that OSDP can also be used on an IP-netwerk and not only on a serial communication line. OSDP over IP offers all kinds of new possibilities to build integrated access control solutions in very flexible ways.

SecIndGroup.com IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry


Nedap Identification Systems were at IFSEC to launch their new ANPR Lumo. A license plate recognition camera with an embedded powerful OCR engine and a brand new intuitive interface for configuration and administration. The camera can easily be connected to any access control system.
Nedap Security Management were showcasing their Global Client Programme. A programme for global enterprise clients to standardize on one access control solution, support a combination of centralized and decentralize administration and unified installation and configuration principles.

SecIndGroup.com IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry
Nedap Identification Systems – Jan Hofman and Silke Nijland

HID Global

Who still remembers when HID Global was mostly known for it’s cards readers and access cards? Nowadays the company has transformed itself into a ‘secure identity solutions provider’. The mix of conventional products and innovative cloud based services for identity management, like HID ActiveOne and HID Origo was very interesting to see.

SecIndGroup.com IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry


Spanish company Salto has always been market leading in their offline access control and network-on-card-solutions. After that they released their mobile access platform JustIN. And now they are are leading the way in offering cloud based services. Salto KS – Keys as a Service is a multiplatform cloud based system that incorporates both the added value of modern technology and the trustworthiness of proven systems.

Salto - Keys as a service
Salto – Keys as a service


One of our launching vendors was also present. Akuvox were showing their large portfolio of door phones, monitor stations, IP phones, intercom apps and their software and cloud based services. This portfolio enables them to set up a wide variety of IP-based intercom solutions.

Akuvox Portfolio
Akuvox Portfolio


Canadian company Vosker were showing an interesting product for instantaneous and temporary video surveillance: a solar powered, battery operated, robust camera that supports 4G and LTE communication. The camera can be used to monitor construction sites and events. Originally the camera was developed to support monitoring of remote areas, but the cable-free easy installation has made it a popular security device for many circumstances.

Vosker - Marketing executive Sarah-Eve Perreault
Vosker – Marketing executive Sarah-Eve Perreault


Israeli company Rozcom were pitching their flexible intercom solution for all size of apartment buildings and condominiums. VP International BD Oren David and his CEO kindly explained the benefits of their X500 intercom system. Stations are IP-connected to a cloud based service. Residents can easily use an app to see who is at the door and open the door remotely. Any building can easily be equipped with their smart intercom solution.

Rozcom - VP International BD Oren Ravid
Rozcom – VP International BD Oren Ravid


We had a nice conversation with Spark, who is Sales Director of Yiroka, from Shenzhen in China. Yiroka is one of those companies that make doorbells with integrated camera’s, intercom and wireless communication. Designed for private homes. Robust and easy to install. Yiroka also is OEM supplier of some more famous brands.

Yiroka - Sales Director Spark
Yiroka – Sales Director Spark

Total Mast Solutions

Some products do not utilize the newest electronics, advanced software or deep learning algorithms and AI to be of value to security installations. Joe Hall explained to us that his company specializes in telescopic masts in all kinds and shapes and with different techniques to easily set them up and extend the length of the mast to reach the height that is needed to quickly mount cameras and other security devices. It was impressive to learn where in the world the products of Total Mast Solutions were deployed.

SecIndGroup.com IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry
Total Mast Solutions – Head of R&D Joe Hall


Swedish company Seriline now exists four years. They specialize in ID cards, card readers and visitor management. We spoke to Mikko from their Finnish office, who kindly showed us their new Cidron card readers. The card readers looked robust and contained all the features you expect from modern card readers, including a SAM-module to store the encryption keys.

SecIndGroup.com IFSEC 2019 unveils trends in the security industry
Seriline – Technical AM Mikko Martikainen


ZUOAN from Ghangzhou (China) specialize in industrial explosion safe video surveillance. Their catalogue shows a wide variety of PTZ, dome and other video camera’s that all come in ATEX certified housing. The Chinese company is currently looking for distributors in various parts of the world.

ZUOAN - Sales Manager Tony Yu
ZUOAN – Sales Manager Tony Yu

TLD Intelligent Technology

TLD was one of the many Chinese CCTV-suppliers from China that were exhibiting. TLD specializes in heavy duty PTZ Cameras. Their cameras are installed in airports, across borders and other large areas that need to be secures. Tony explained that this camera can also be used for face recognition.

TLD - Overseas Sales Director Tony
TLD – Overseas Sales Director Tony

To be continued….

We spoke to many more companies and their ideas, products and propositions. Stay tuned, there is more to come!

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