Idesco Releases Innovations in RFID and Mobile Access

Idesco Releases Innovations in RFID and Mobile Access

With 30 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer and vendor Idesco makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, their devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems.

Idesco Innovations

Idesco has announced a range of innovations in their portfolio recently. Idesco clarifies to us what these innovations are:

Mobile-compatible display reader coming!

The use of Mobile IDs in access control grows more frequent every week. That is why our display reader, “8 CD 2.0 Pin D”, will also soon accept a mobile ID from your smartphone.

Interactive routines that require identification, like payment, are easily and securely managed with an RFID keypad/display reader providing a menu and displaying user-specific responses. That is why 8 CD 2.0 Pin D’s keypad is designed to flexibly support users’ need to select options and input data.

When you integrate mobile IDs, system management and service can actually become easier. How so? Mobile IDs are created and stored in phones, ready-to-use, once an Idesco mobile app is installed. If your site prefers migrating solely to mobile ID’s, you will no longer need to purchase and code physical transponders for users. Alternatively, you can choose to keep traditional transponders working alongside mobile IDs, if mobile ID readers will only be installed at selected access points on a site.

When deploying 8 CD 2.0 Pin D for payment, mobile IDs will also make product and service purchases easier. For starters, customers won’t need coded transponders to enter. After Idesco’s app is installed on their phone and their ID registered in your system, they can begin purchasing products or paying for services immediately. Mobile ID is equally well-suited for temporary credentialing, for example, providing room access to hotel guests, or simplifying their purchase of additional services or restaurant meals

8 CD 2.0 now also anti-collision

We have begun adding an anti-collision ability to both our Wiegand and OSDP versions of our 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers, letting them read multiple cards simultaneously. This is particularly convenient when you present several cards or hybrid cards together. Why? Because this new anti-collision ability ensures your reader won’t stop upon reading the first card it encounters, ignoring others in the detection zone – even though that first one wasn’t what you wanted to read. Now, 8 CD 2.0 can automatically scan all cards in its polling zone, detecting the one you intend, making transactions faster, more convenient.

Additionally, 8 CD 2.0 now comes equipped with a more efficient process for reading your MIFARE Classic cards. 8 CD 2.0 will now only read an assigned sector, for improved security and faster transactions.

Time management & payments? Access Touch!

Access Touch integrates a modular RFID reader, touch screen display and PC processor into a powerfully versatile solution for time & attendance, payment and many other purposes. Its touch screen is a versatile platform able to support attractive, customized graphical user interfaces and menus. Additionally, Access Touch can integrate nearly any of the major RFID technologies from 125 kHz to MIFARE DESFire. As a fully functional computer, it can also interface with the Internet if needed. Linux is the default operating system for Access Touch but also optionally supports Windows. Access Touch 4.1 also soon wll support Windows’ latest version.

Idesco Mobile Lite availabe also for Apple phones

Now Apple phone owners may also install Idesco Mobile Lite’s app for access. Idesco Mobile Lite just released a new, updated app version for Android users. Download and install Idesco Mobile Lite for iOS from the Apple Store, or update your Idesco Mobile Lite app for Android from Google Play today!

Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact test units available

The first test units of our newest, small long distance reader, EPC 2.0 Compact, are available for order! At distances out to 4 meters, EPC 2.0 Compact detects and transacts transponders attached to users’ clothing or hanging from a neck strap. If your site employs automatic doors, EPC 2.0 Compact allows convenient hands-free access, without interruptions or contacting surfaces. EPC 2.0 Compact’s anti-collision ability also lets it to track several transponders simultaneously when tasked to zone control. Idesco Releases Innovations in RFID and Mobile Access

Naturally, EPC 2.0 Compact also supports secure, encrypted EPC Gen v2 transponders. So, If you want to test new EPC 2.0 Compact, contact us now to ensure prompt delivery from its first limited production run!

Source: Idesco

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