IDEMIA Brings Cutting-Edge Fingerprint-Matching Algorithms to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

IDEMIA Brings Cutting-Edge Fingerprint-Matching Algorithms to Local Law Enforcement Agencies

IDEMIA STORM ABIS will allow small agencies to gain easy and affordable access to world-class biometric matching technology

IDEMIA, the biometric solutions privider for law enforcement agencies, announced recently it has launched the world’s first SaaS-based Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), IDEMIA STORM ABIS™, for intuitive, accessible and affordable fingerprint analysis, comparison and documentation.


IDEMIA STORM ABIS is an intuitive web-based platform that allows for efficient access to world-class fingerprint-matching technology. It supports local and national searches with tools for analysis, comparison and case management that allows fingerprint examiners to efficiently complete examinations from anywhere. With user experience as a design priority, the system enhances collaboration while reducing the learning curve for examiners, which cuts training time and costs for agencies.

“IDEMIA has delivered high-performing biometric identification systems hosted in the cloud since 2015. Yet IDEMIA STORM ABIS is first of its kind as its cloud-native architecture allows dynamic scalability, high availability and system reliability on-demand,” said Michael Hash, vice president, justice and public safety, IDEMIA. “Designed from the ground up by fingerprint examiners for examiners, STORM will transform how we deliver automated fingerprint identification capabilities to our law enforcement customers.”

As an out-of-box SaaS ABIS, IDEMIA STORM ABIS drastically streamlines the system deployment and delivery process with standardized configurations. Leveraging native cloud architecture, this new SaaS offering offers continuous feature updates and allows smaller agencies to use the biometric identification services securely from anywhere, enabling flexible and remote work environments, a useful feature in the post-COVID world.

IDEMIA STORM ABIS is now available.

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