How does support your marketing efforts?

How does support your marketing efforts?

Explicate introduced the Explicate Marketing Model in a recent article on LinkedIn. The model helps streamline thoughts and ideas when planning and designing marketing communication activities. A brief summary of the essence of the model can be viewed in this video (with audio):

Explicate intends to elaborate the model with best practices for each of the five layers. We also use it to explain the benefit of participating with as a security vendor. Why do we think it would be a good idea to participate in the online security trade show and publish your major products and other content on this site and in the LinkedIn group?

Let’s use the five layers in the model to answer that question:

Perceiving your brand and solutions

The Security Industry Group on LinkedIn is the largest group about physical security, with over 100k members. Members come from all over the world and hold various positions. But they are all professionals in the security industry. The total reach of the communications platform (Website, mailing list, LinkedIn Group, Twitter) is 147,500 professionals. The current spread is pictured in the diagrams below.

Reach of

We are releasing a more detailed media kit shortly. Stay tuned for that. We believe in a cohesive combination of several channels when communicating about your brand and your solutions. We will make sure your message is perceived by numerous decision makers and influencers.

Remembering your brand and solutions and its media channels are the perfect extension of your own media channels. We can help you in designing and executing your marketing communication planning. Publishing your information in a variety of formats on, the LinkedIn group and in our news letters will help in making sure your message is not perceived once, but several times. This greatly increases chances of retention.

Understanding your message 

We believe that in the security industry, there is a large difference in language, background, education and professional interests when one would compare representatives from technically oriented security vendors and security managers and other professionals with end-users and consultants. At we are trying to bridge this ‘gap of comprehension’ to combine information about products and solutions with educational content in a variety of formats. This content often explains the basics about the technology that is used in the products and solutions on this platform. It will help your audience to understand your message.

Believing your proposition

Most people watch reviews when buying booking a hotel, making a diner reservation or when they buy products online. In the B2B segment of the security industry that is not yet as common, but people on the buying side do look for references and other proof to minimize the risk of selecting a product or vendor that does not meet their requirements. can review your products and publish your reference cases. Just reach out to us to see how we can help in this matter. We will validate statements and do not publish false information. But we also are here to assist you in spreading evidence of the added value of your products.

Feeling good about your brands

It is up to you tell your story and inspire people. And we can be one of the platforms to share that story. We believe in the human side of security and are dedicated to support all hard-working professionals in our industry.

Interested in working with us? Please check out our message to you, review our Security Industry Group Media Kit v1 and contact us to get the cooperation started!


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