Heroic security acts awarded at British Security Awards

Heroic security acts awarded at British Security Awards

At SecIndGroup.com we are convinced that technology can bring good to the security practice. We are however also very much aware of the fact that there are a lot of people active in the front-line of situations where safety and security are at risk. These are the men and women that sometimes have to disregard their own personal safety in order to protect other people, assets or organisations from harm. Security guards, personal protectors, soldiers, police officers and many other security professionals show on a daily basis that they have what it takes to excel in situations where the rubber hits the road.

Britisch Security Awards

The British Security Awards is the national event in the United Kingdom that recognizes the talent and commitment of our industry’s finest. It is organised by the British Security Industry Association. The British Security Awards celebrate the achievements, acts of bravery and innovations made by members of the UK’s security industry.

An overview of this year’s winners can be found on their website: https://www.britishsecurityawards.co.uk/winners-2019

​We would like to ask your special attention to the category “Outstanding Act“. This year’s winner was David Rutwaza from G4S. And looking at the explanation for selecting David as a winner, it is clear that he is the rightful winner:

David is being recognised for three truly outstanding acts: protecting a PCSO from a hammer assault whilst sustaining serious injury to himself,  defending and then delivering first aid to an OAP after a brutal gang attack whilst taking numerous blows in the process and finally for talking down a suicidal girl from a bridge and attending to her until her parents arrived.

We take our hats off with the greatest respect for the acts of David Rutwaza. And we would like to pay tribute to all those security professionals out there that risk their own well-being while performing their tasks. To all the ‘Davids’ in this world: stay safe, stay strong and thank you for all your efforts!



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