GSX 2019 Report: Security innovation and trends (Part I)

GSX 2019 Report: Security innovation and trends (Part I) has visited the ASIS event GSX 2019 in Chicago to learn what is current and new in the security industry. And of course we are sharing with you what we have learned and witnessed. We would like to thank ASIS and all exhibitors for their hospitality. It has been a great event. This year’s number one theme at the trade show floor was, without a doubt, AI powered video analytics. But besides that there were many more themes that could be distinguished when looking at the presentations and the exhibition. Here are a few of this year’s highlights…

GSX19 Report

HID Global: demonstration of UWB capabilities

HID Global was showing a number of innovations and new releases of their products. The demonstration of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) at their booth, in collaboration with fellow FiRa-members Samsung and NXP, was quite impressive and illustrative of the potential of this technology. Samsung’s senior principal standards engineer Clint Chaplin and NXP’s Derek Park (Senior Director of Marketing for BL-STI) were present at the booth and were kind enough to explain UWB a bit further. The fine ranging and positioning capability of UWB can enable future applications where smartphones, equipped with UWB, are identified and positioned by a UWB antenna (receiver), which is connected to third party management applications for access control or tracking.

UWB demo at the HID Global booth
UWB demo at the HID Global booth by Clint Chaplin

An example of UWB-enabled mobile access was shown at the booth. The UWB-equipped smartphone is moved away from the receiver. The demo system was configured to lock the door as soon as the smartphone has moved away from the receiver with a specified range. At the end of the movie that is shown underneath, you can see the door lock (watch the knob with key turn) when the specified range threshold is exceeded.

UWB would not only enable range determination, but als accurate positioning of the smartphone. Looking at this demo, one can imagine that UWB would be a great enhancement to security applications like mobile access control and automatic vehicle identification. will follow the development and will keep you informed on progress and market adoption.

Security and Safety Things (SAST): The Internet Of Security Things

At we talked about cloud based security systems as a potential disruptive technological concept for our industry before. Bosch start-up Security and Safety Things (SAST) definitely is about embracing new ideas and deploy them in security systems. They have built an open IoT-platform for security cameras, which aims to enable seamless management of networked cameras. To support that ambition SAST has also developed an operating system for security cameras. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it gives developers libraries, an API framework, and codecs to develop apps for cameras and unleash the current and future potential of video analytics.

Hartmut Schaper, CEO of SAST
Hartmut Schaper, CEO of SAST

SAST CEO Hartmut Schaper explained to the idea behind this ambitious IoT-initiative. SAST strongly believes that their platform can be of benefit for users, camera manufacturers and integrators. The SAST marketplace (App Store) is expected to go live early 2020.

Proxyclick: Cloud based visitor management

The team of Proxyclick showed great enthusiasm while presenting their cloud based visitor management solution to the visitors of GSX 2019. Proxyclick specializes in visitor management solutions for enterprise organizations. We spoke to them before about their solution when they received LenelS2 certification for integration with the access control system. It is their mission to make visitors feel welcome while still complying with internal regulations.

Emily Thrasher and Kev Jones of Proxyclick
Emily Thrasher and Kev Jones of Proxyclick

They allowed us to speak to one of their clients. It was impressive to hear that the client, globally active in logistics, was capable of standardizing on the Proxyclick solution for all their sites. Because of the cloud based nature of the system and the user-friendliness of the interface, they were capable to pull off a full scale roll out and implementation at all of their almost 400 offices across multiple continents within a period of only six months.

Boon Edam: Proven circlelock mantrap portal with new technology integration

Boon Edam, the Dutch specialist in high quality revolving doors, high security doors and turnstiles, is always highly visible at major security trade shows. GSX 2019 was no exception to that, as they sponsored the turnstiles at the entrance of the exhibition. The major theme at their booth this year was ‘integrated technologies’. The booth featured many examples of physical entrances with a variation of identification and access technologies.

Tracy Thomas (right) highlights the importance of appropriate security entrances
Tracy Thomas (right) highlights the importance of appropriate security entrances

The best example of a proven and high-secure entrance integrated with cutting-edge identification technology at the booth was the “good old” circlelock security portal (celebrating it’s 35th birthday!), which was featured with various identification technologies. An AMAG Symmetry card reader on the outside of the portal conducted the initial authorization, while facial recognition provided instant authentication inside the portal, using a secure, edge-based facial recognition access control device by Alcatraz, called the Rock. Stereovision and weight measurement can be applied to prevent tailgating.

The circlelock security portal with the integrated identification and authentication technologies were demonstrated live at the booth.

Calipsa: False alarm filtering platform

London based company Calipsa hosted two breakfast sessions near their booth at GSX 2019 to showcase the potential of machine learning to reduce the number of false alarms in video surveillance. It’s cloud based video analytics software not only significantly reduces CCTV false alarms, it also improve false alarm management.

Tara Biglari of Calipsa
Tara Biglari of Calipsa

Calipsa explained to us that their platform can be connected to both conventional and modern video surveillance systems, which means that the solution can also be retrofitted into existing CCTV installations without embedded and accurate video analytics. The system analyzes alarm footage and, when the alarm is valid, will create an alarm package with event details and relevant video footage, which can be processed by security staff. In a recent implementation they were capable to reduce false alarms with 75% within a month and they expect that percentage will grow to 95% within another few months.

IRD: Vehicle identification and access specialists

Canadian company International Road Dynamics (IRD) integrates multiple technologies, including weigh-in-motion, RFID, machine vision, and GPS tracking into their physical access control system (PACS). IRD provides secure access solutions for border crossings, government facilities, and private industry. IRD utilizes their own radar solution, but also third party products to implement well working access control and security systems for both vehicles and people. These products can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a complete access control and security system.

Peter Siarkos and Hong Fang of IRD
Peter Siarkos and Hong Fang of IRD

IRD is well known for their traffic applications centered around highways. They use that experience with high volume traffic and demanding circumstances to construct highly secure access control applications.

Cobalt: Intelligent robots to help flexible human security professionals

Cobalt Robotics from the USA were showing their security robot. But make no mistake: the company is not only about a futuristic vision and it is also not simply trying to replace human guards with robots. It has real implementations and reference cases, based on a smart combination of people, processes and technology. “Let robots take care of the tasks so that people can focus on decisions that matter.” is one of their slogans.

Cobalt Robotics
The team of Cobalt Robotics at GSX 2019 with their robot

In other words: machine reliability with human flexibility. The robot is capable of performing a guard tour while observing the environment for irregularities. When needed, human operators can use the robot for further investigation and communication with people. The clients of Cobalt appreciate that their solution is not only about security monitoring, but also about friendly and innovative customer service.

STid: Redesigning long range UHF readers

We spoke to French RFID specialists STid also at IFSEC International in London, where we looked at their versatile RFID readers series ‘Architect’. In Chicago the company was also showing their recently introduced UHF reader with its notable design: Spectre. STid has developed a comprehensive reader range for all vehicle identification, fleet management and hands-free access control applications.

STid team with CEO Vincent Dupart
STid team with CEO Vincent Dupart (middle)

STid CEO Vincent Dupart admitted that the remarkable design of the Spectre UHF Reader was somewhat of a gamble. But it is clear now that all of STid’s clients love the design and performance of the long range RFID reader.

More to come…

This is just the first episode of a series of reports about GSX 2019. Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), robotics, technology integration, cloud based security, IoT platforms for security: a lot of innovation has been mentioned in this episode. But stay tuned for new episodes about the latest in video surveillance, protection against drones, physical penetration testing and the dark web…



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