GSX 2019 Final Report: Security innovation and trends (Part III)

GSX 2019 Final Report: Security innovation and trends (Part III) has visited the ASIS event GSX 2019 in Chicago to learn what is current and new in the security industry. We spoke to many vendors at the exhibition and also to the speakers of a few of the major educational sessions. In this third and final report we continue our effort to inform you what is new and current in our security industry. Make sure to also look at the first episode and second episode of our extensive report. In this episode you will find a mixture of smart software based security services and innovative hardware solutions.

GSX19 Report

Anvil: Technology-led resilience solutions to protect people, property and performance

The very friendly crew at the Anvil booth shared their interesting security proposition with us. Managing Director Calvin Pratt and his team spent time to explain us their approach. In essence Anvil is all about combining software based information services related to security threats with professional feet on the ground around the globe to assist where needed. At the heart of their proposition is a system called Riskmatics, which essentially is a an awareness, alert and response system powered by comprehensive, real-time data from thousands of reliable sources around the globe.

Anvil, MD Calvin Pratt and team
Anvil, MD Calvin Pratt and team

The system helps clients keeping an eye on their staff and assets while they are moving around. Travelers can be profiled and tracked. Risk assessments and threat analysis are used to prevent or avoid incidents. When incidents do happen, the system ensures vital communication paths are in place, so that Anvil is capable to provide their services and get staff and assets back into safety.

The essence of the system and its practical operation is presented in this Anvil video.

WorldAware: Intelligence-Driven Risk Management

A somewhat similar proposition waas presented by Maryland headquartered company WorldAware. Major Account Executive Cory Watkins kindly and patiently explained to us the strength of their systems and solutions to provide clients with adequate worldwide threat intelligence and enable high quality risk assessments. WorldAware offers intelligence, tools and services to help clients mitigate security risks related to international business. They alert multinational organizations and millions of their personnel about disruptive events before they occur, allowing time to prepare or avoid the threat altogether. When the unpredictable happens, fast notification through WorldAware’s two-way communication features provides travel risk managers and security personnel with the information and advice they need to respond quickly, reducing risks and costs.

Cory Watkins of WorldAware
Cory Watkins of WorldAware

Cory showed the WorldCue system was capable of monitoring safety and security risk levels in ant location in the world. As an example he showed real-time information about incidents happening in the Netherlands at the time of GSX. Very impressive.

Aaeon: Smart city street light with video surveillance and ANPR

The person at the trade show that spoke most passionate about his presented solution to us, was without a doubt John Lisherness of Aaeon (an Asus company). John showed us an advanced street light for smart cities. The street light was equipped with a wireless communication module that connects the street light to a network infrastructure using technologies like LoRa or NB-IoT. This network enables remote light management, but it also enables safety and security related functionality.

John Lisherness of Aaeon
John Lisherness of Aaeon

The camera was equipped with surveillance cameras which enable remote surveillance of the environment. Embedded software modules however also enable automated incident detection and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). This device clearly demonstrated the powerful solutions that can be realized when multiple innovative technologies are combined.

Alutel Mobility: Making access control mobile

Alutel Mobility, with offices in the USA and Urugay, is on a mission to extend access to access control systems to operational areas. It’s VP of Business Development Sara Sánchez was at GSX 2019 to explain to her audience how Alutel’s mobile reader, which can be integrated in ruggedized tablets and kiosks, in combination with Alutel’s apps can be used for identification of people in the field, for mustering and smooth visitor management.

Sara Sánchez of Alutel Mobility
Sara Sánchez of Alutel Mobility

The mobile reader is already integrated with access control systems from Lenel and Genetec. Sara kindly explained that Alutel Mobility is working hard to integrate their solution with other major access control systems.

TrackTik: a software solution to optimize the return on your security investments

At the sow we ran into Mark Folmer who is the VP of Security Industry of security workforce management software provider TrackTik.  This company, founded in 2013 by Simon Ferragne, helps security service providers and corporate security teams to better manage their operations.

Mark Folmer of TrackTik
Mark Folmer of TrackTik

The TrackTik portfolio currently exists of three major products. A ‘Guarding Suite’ which enables security firms to follow the guards’ tour progress, see a map of their locations, and have incident reports tracked and sent to the appropriate personnel in real-time. A ‘Backoffice Suite’ which is used for scheduling and planning security staff for optimized risk management, but also to fulfill related process like payrolling and billing. And then there is the ‘Mobiler Suite’ that allows you to follow the progress of your mobile guards on a mobile device, but it also makes sure they’re taking the best route for patrol and are the best choice for dispatch.

AlertEnterprise: Physical and logical security convergence

Californian company AlertEnterprise is well-known for their Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution. We had the pleasure to speak to the VP of Marketing and Communications Willem Ryan. Willem explained to us that the company keeps breaking down the silos in security. By doing that, AlertEnterprise is capable to “uncover blended threats across IT Security, Physical Access Controls and Industrial Control Systems for true prevention of insider threat, fraud, theft, sabotage and acts of terrorism”.

AlertEnterprise: Willem Ryan
AlertEnterprise: Willem Ryan

The newest addition to the AlertEnterprise portfolio is related to workspace intelligence. AlertEnterprise keeps pushing the limits when it comes to converging identity management, physical security and information and network security.

GuardRFID: Tracking and protecting people and assets using active RFID

GuardRFID prides itself as one of the leading solution providers for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) that identify, locate, track and protect people and assets in real-time. Manu of their clients are healthcare facilities and industrial organizations Using active RFID technology they identify and track people and assets. Operating at 125 kHz or 433 MHz their own reader platform is capable of identifying and tracking all kinds of active RFID labels.

GuardRFID: Alison Cartier
GuardRFID: Alison Cartier and colleague

Marketing Manager Alison Cartier explained to us that their platform is used in may types of applications. In healthcare institutions they help protect babies, detect patient wandering and identify authorized staff in restricted areas.

iLobby: Interactive visitor management tool to optimize front desk appearance

The very first person we spoke to at the exhibition was Daniyel Pister, who is a Team Lead at the sales crew of Canadian company iLobby. Daniel explained the benefits of iLobby’s visitor management system. It allows the receptionist to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in with the Sign in App. iLobby enhances the safety and security of your facility while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Daniyel Pister of iLobby
Daniyel Pister of iLobby

iLobby provides both the hardware and the software for their cloud based visitor management solution. The solutions scales from a small one-site installation to full-scale enterprise deployment.

ViewZ: Professional LCD and LED monitors that make a difference in security

ViewZ is a reputable OEM manufacturer of Professional-Grade LCD and LED monitors. Each ViewZ monitor is designed and built in South Korea. ViewZ monitors excel in the harsh environment of non-stop, around the clock security applications.

John Kim of ViewZ
John Kim of ViewZ

John Kim works as Key Accounts & OEM Manager for ViewZ USA, which is based in Placentia, CA.

Torxun: Military grade security gates

Californian company Torxun specializes in perimeter protection. Their USA-made gate systems and gate operators are used in countless nation-wide installations. “Powerful, yet out of the visual path and quieter than a dragonfly.”, that is what the company aims for when designing and developing new gate systems.

David Jablonski of Torxun
David Jablonski of Torxun

David Jablonski, the Market Development Director or Torxun, explained to us they have a large and loyal client base that keep returning because of the quality of the design and the long product lifetime.

Barrier1 Systems: State of the Art vehicle barriers

Barrier1 Systems from Greensboro in North Carolina (US) is specialized in designing, building, installing and maintaining all kinds of high-secure vehicle entrances. Their solutions include net barriers, all kinds of bollards, drop & swing crash beams, arms, electric wedge barriers, quick connect barriers, crowd protection barriers, waterway access control barriers, swing gates, crash rated cable fencing, and other products. Where requested, Barrier1 can integrate specialized controls with alarms, wireless remote controls, card readers and many other types of devices and controls.

Heath Putman of Barrier1 Systems
Heath Putman of Barrier1 Systems

Heath Putman provides maintenance and training services with Barrier1 and he was kind enough to show us some of their vehicle entrance systems.

CPS Security / ECAMSECURE: Mobile surveillance systems with active shooter alert

Recently merged companies CPS Security and ECAMSECURE invested in a large booth at GSX 2019 in Chicago. And they needed it, because besides presenting their guarding services, they were also showing their mobile surveillance systems. These mobile stations are the the perfect solution for temporary and sometimes sudden security surveillance needs at places like construction sites.

Manny Rodriguez of CPS Security
Manny Rodriguez of CPS Security

Manny Rodriguez, Executive Director of Security, explained to us that the units can operate standalone and can provide their own power supply. Video surveillance footage is transmitted wireless to remote control rooms.

“Mobile surveillance units can save builders money in a variety of ways. ECAMSECURE’s signature product, the Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU), reduces the overall cost of construction site security while increasing efficiency. Its mere presence is a crime deterrent as it maintains wireless visual and audio contact with a property owner or builder 24/7.”

The units consist of cutting active technology. Manny showed us the ability of the video surveillance unit to automatically detect a potentially active shooter within the protected zone. Within 1-3 seconds this potential threat is detected and an alarm is generated.

STI USA: Innovative cages, covers, alarms and custom buttons

The last exhibitor to feature in our report about GSX 2019 is Safety Technology International (STI) from Waterford (MI, USA). STI USA is a manufacturer of fire, safety and security products that help deter false fire alarms, prevent theft and minimize damage to building equipment. Their covers, cases, cages and buttons are used to protect all kinds of fire, safety and security equipment.

Ashley O'Connor of STI USA
Ashley O’Connor of STI USA

Key Account Executive Ashley O’Connor explained to us that many people in the industry use the NEMA 4X enclosures of STI to build their own custom security products and solutions. STI really specializes in providing protection to your security equipment against weather, moist, temperature and vandalism. We see how integrators and vendors will be thankful for the availability of STI products in the industry.

Looking back at GSX 2019

The 2019 edition of Global Security Exchange is now well behind us. Looking back we must say it was an incredible event. We are aware that some might say that the exhibition was not as large and not as packed with attendees as it maybe once was, but we feel this report shows there still were many interesting things to see and many interesting people to meet. Combined with the high quality seminars, we are sure that most of the attendees will look back at an exciting, interesting and also fun-packed week. We have tried to provide you with an overview of solutions and innovations at the GSX 2019 exhibition. All the usual suspects could be witnessed at the show: cloud based video surveillance and visitor management, powerful video analytics and facial recognition solutions, cutting-edge RFID innovations, converged security risk management platforms and smooth operating robotics. But also handy tools, simple but smart product design improvements and really robust and vandal-proof gates and barriers.

In the upcoming weeks we will dive a bit deeper into some of the topics that were addressed during the training sessions. Expect us to look at physical penetration testing, explore the dark web and lay out the architecture of future security systems…

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