Great Opportunities for Security Integrators and Distributors to Strengthen their Portfolio

Great Opportunities for Security Integrators and Distributors to Strengthen their Portfolio

If you are active as a security distributor or integrator, portfolio management is one of your major strategic activities. The best integrators, distributors, dealers and installers are always on the lookout for great solutions for their clients. Solutions that are trustworthy, valuable and that tap right into the security needs of your clients. Solutions from established or upcoming vendors, that never fail to deliver and that do not cause you a headache because of issues with your clients.

Great Opportunities for Security Integrators and Distributors to Strengthen their Portfolio

We may have some great opportunities available for you to strengthen your portfolio of security solutions. The brands presented underneath are all well-established, market-leading in specific sectors or regions, active at least multiple years with solutions that have proven to be effective and that have sufficient competitive edge.


Tattile – ANPR Solutions

Tattile is one of the leading ANPR Brands in the world. The have their own OCR engine, which supports all major countries in the world. Their portfolio is broad and their technology was purposely designed for high performance license plate recognition.

They already have a strong global partner channel, that spans sectors like security, parking, mobility, tolling and smart cities.

Tattile is currently looking for partners in specific segments in specific countries. Security integrators from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom are welcome.

Please contact if you are interested in joining their channel.


EL-GO Team – Security Barriers

EL-GO Team specializes in barriers, bollards, road blockers and other devices that can be used to prevent vehicles and people from intruding a secured perimeter.

Their security barriers are installed around the world in locations where vehicles are approaching or passing through critical infrastructures, like the Red Square in Moscow.

EL-GO Team already has strong and committed partners in many countries. They are however looking to strengthen their channel in Western Europe with integrators and installers that are active in physical security installations where vehicles are an important security object.

Please contact if you would like to learn more.

Domox Logo

Delightica – domox – Aritech upgrade solution

Dutch technology innovator Delightica created domox as an easy, but highly effective, upgrade of Aritech / ATS Advanced alarm systems. The domox platforms consists of a controller, portal and an intuitive app. In this app alarms can be managed, video footage can be monitored and KNX home automation is also integrated.

The solution has been installed with Dutch clients for a number of years and is showing very robust performance. Current partners especially appreciate the easy configuration of the integration with a smart wizard.

The domox solution needs new partners all over the world. If you have an installed base of Aritech / ATS alarm panels and you understand the value of an integrated app for alarm management, video monitoring and home automation, then please contact


DFSL – LIDAR Intruder Detection

DFSL specializes in solutions for area protection using LIDAR Technology. A fascinating new application of this technology, which has already proven itself in various high-end security and defense projects.

LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection and Ranging. LIDAR devices send out pulses of laser light at a surface and measure the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back. This technology is used to detect intruders in zones or at perimeters.

DFSL is looking to expand its partner channel in specific countries in Europe. DFSL is specifically looking for companies that have visible experience in the area of physical intruder detection at perimeters and in zones.

Please contact if you would like to learn more.

These may be challenging times. But opportunities are out there! Let’s work together to create more business.

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