Geran Clean2Go Turnstile helps fight COVID

Geran Clean2Go Turnstile helps fight COVID

Dutch physical access control specialist Geran Access Products has released a entrance control solution that helps fight COVID-19 and other virus infections. Turnstiles are of course great tools to streamline the flow of people moving into a secured zone of the building or site. Turnstiles force people to enter one by one, without causing delay. Geran Clean2Go Turnstile helps fight COVID

As a result of the controlled way of entering, adequate counting is possible. Access control systems are facilitated to keep track of the number of people that are present in a specific zone. One important COVOD-measure in buildings is capacity management: making sure that rooms are not crowded with staff, making it impossble to follow social distancing guidelines.

But the Geran Clean2Go Turnstile offers even more pandemic protection: It is equipped with an on-board compartment for hand disinfection. Only after disinfectant was successfully released, the turnstile will allow access.

About Geran Access Products

Geran Access Products BV was founded in 2017 as a sister company of Geran Handel BV. We are a technical wholesaler with full focus on your needs for physical access products and solutions. We are a small-scale business with a personal approach. But we also have a lot of experience and expertise. A winning combination!

We are the European importer of Turnstar, a South African manufacturer of turnstiles, access lanes and barriers. Geran Access Products is a sister company of Geran Handel BV, active in fences and access technology. Top quality, years of experience and a clear approach: that is Geran Access Products BV!

In 2020 we have started a cooperation with a Brazilian manufacturer of access lanes. We are European distributor of Digicon. Digicon produces among others the dFlow, a unique access lane with doors open as a standard. 

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