Geran Access and Pan Oston Join Forces!

Geran Access and Pan Oston Join Forces!

Geran Access Products BV from Rijssen is a new channel partner of Pan Oston for the market of physical access control. This is a growing market, in which self-service plays an increasingly important role. That is why Geran now also includes Pan Oston’s self-service kiosks in its already broad product portfolio.

Geran Access and Pan Oston Join Forces!

Besides self-service in the world of physical access control, operations and integrations are becoming increasingly important. As a result, there is a growing demand for expansion of the current products such as bill ticks, access lanes and turnstiles. By working with a solid partner, the customer has one supplier for the total hardware solution. Pan Oston takes care of the production and assembly of the self-service solutions. Geran is the central point of contact for the customer that distributes, supports and helps during the integration with its own line of physical access control solutions.

Geran & Pan Oston, a golden combination!

Through a mutual contact, 20face from Enschede, Pan Oston and Geran came into contact with each other. It soon became apparent that both companies share the same core values and East Netherlands mentality: say what you do and do what you say!
So there were no complicated contracts as a basis for good cooperation, but clear agreements were simply made. It just so happens that Geran Access Products BV was looking to expand its product range and Pan Oston was looking for a solid partner and distributor. When both ambitions regarding innovation and serving the target group are in line, cooperation is a logical step.

“One and one is three, as they say, but often the best way is to just go ahead and do it. And that is exactly what Geran and Pan Oston are doing now” says Mark Dannenberg, Director of Geran Access Products BV.

About Geran Access Products BV

Geran Access Products BV is a technical wholesaler with everything needed to fully meet the needs of physical access products and solutions. From factory to end-user, from drawing board to transport and from sales to assembly, the company in Rijssen delivers top quality. In addition to a wealth of experience and expertise, Geran has a focus on people and a personal approach.

Geran Access Products is a member of the Security Industry Group.

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