Genea announces new Visitor Management and Safe Workplace features

Genea announces new Visitor Management and Safe Workplace features

Genea has announced the release of the following Visitor Management and Safe Workplace feature enhancements.

physical keycard to visitors

Ability to assign physical keycards to visitors

Genea customers on Mercury hardware can now assign physical keycards to their visitors.

Within the familiar Genea Access Control dashboard, administrators find the name of the host and their guest. Then, within a dialogue box, administrators can change the badge activation and expiration periods.

Genea Visitor Key Cards drive efficiency for teams expecting recurring visitors, like temporary workers or collaborative partners visiting from other companies. For example, an advertising firm is conducting three rounds of interviews for its next executive assistant.

During the first round, a screening interview, each candidate receives a physical key card. The key cards for each candidate activate on the screening date.

Administrators can remotely program a later end date into the cards of those interviewees who pass the screening. The cards will update automatically, granting the successful candidates access for their second interview.

Safe Workplace Notifications

When users get approved through the Safe Workplace flow, there are now additional configurable notifications for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and e-mail. This gives admins insight into who is coming into the office each day.

Genea saves administrators time through automation. But COVID-19 presented another challenge — managing health and wellness.

Genea Safe Workplace gave HR and IT teams the precision tools needed to accurately contact trace, conduct health questionnaires and set capacity limits. But now, Auto-Notification Alerts help teams make more informed decisions about their health safety. When an employee completes a Safe Workplace questionnaire, an auto-notification gets sent through an integrated Slack or Teams channel.

The notification informs colleagues of office attendance. For companies using a hybrid-model workspace, these notifications help team members decide whether they should work from home or if they want to go to the office.

Source: Genea

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