Gallagher Security: Protecting your health with Access Control

Gallagher Security: Protecting your Health with Access Control

With the current outbreak of COVID-19, companies may be looking at adding extra precautions to ensure that their workplace stays safe and secure.

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There are several ways to help reduce the spread of infection and ensure your health and safety policy is adhered to. Here are a couple of options:

Update your visitor management system

Having a good visitor management process allows you to gather key information about your visitors, contractors, and employees and inform them of company processes and procedures.

With a visitor management system you can add important information, such as evacuation procedures and health and safety information, which can include asking critical screening questions that will help you decide whether or not a person poses a health risk to your workplace.

Minimum contact

You can make some areas within your business contactless to help prevent the spread of infections. You can do this by:

Using mobile credentials instead of access cards. Assigning your visitors, contractors, and employees with a mobile credential means they can use their own mobile phone to access locations. This means no cards are required. Visitors won’t pass a card back to reception who would wipe the data and then pass onto another user.

Utilizing contactless biometric technology, such as facial recognition and touchless fingerprint readers. These provide high speed, accurate, and hygienic access control to site. Combined with automatic doors and turnstiles, you can reduce the touchpoints in your building.

Help prevent the spread of the virus and keep your workplace safe.

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  1. […] Access control is about having the ability as an organization to manage who is able to be present in which zone at specific times and under specific conditions. The current situation is emphasizing the need in hospitals, government buildings and corporate sites to be able to only allow a specific group of people with access to restricted areas. These access rights should easily be changed rapidly based on new developments. Having the ability to change the overall security level of the system easily, which is translated into altered access rights at entrances for personnel with a certain security clearance level, may be a highly valuable asset in these crisis situations.Additionally it is clear that managing the access of visitors and contractors to the organisations estate and buildings is of great value. Knowing who is coming into your organization and also being aware about the whereabouts of these individuals could be of the greatest value when trying to optimize chances of business continuity and personnel health and safety. […]

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