Free Flow Tolling and Security Monitoring on Highways with ANPR

Free Flow Tolling and Security Monitoring on Highways with ANPR

In the world of tolling, two major categories exist: free-flow tolling and stop-and-go tolling. The difference between those two is of course obvious. ANPR is often used for stop-and-go tolling where the driver has to slow down the car and get a ticket of pay for using the road at a toll booth. In those cases many ANR cameras will be capable to read the license plate: The car is perfectly positioned and has stopped moving. Perfect conditions to have the ANPR camera perform its OCR task.

Wikipedia perfectly explains what free-flow tolling is: Open road tolling (ORT), also called all-electronic tolling, cashless tolling, or free-flow tolling, is the collection of tolls on toll roads without the use of toll booths. Cars can move around on the road freely. This solution allows drivers to travel without experiencing hick-ups or traffic queues resulting from the tolling installation. Cameras and other devices at gantries or bridges are used to monitor the traffic and identify the vehicles passing by. You can imagine that having ANPR cameras perform well under these circumstances is sometimes a challenge.

Free Flow Tolling and Security Monitoring on Highways with ANPR

Tattile VEGA SMART 2HD ANPR cameras are perfectly designed for tolling applications and come with an onboard OCR engine, and optional additional plug-ins to have the cameras perform not only automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) but also perform vehicle classification tasks and identify the brand, colour, class and model (BCCM) of the vehicle.

The modular architecture of Tattile traffic monitoring cameras allows easy customization of the hardware platform according to the different needs of customers: a multitude of features is optionally available, and this can enhance the precision and the amount of information that can be provided by our ANPR software. Tattile ANPR smart traffic cameras perform all operations completely on-board with no need for additional external devices, which allows having no additional system integration costs.

Some of the benefits of Tattile cameras are:

  • Motion Detection & OCR on board: an absolutely non-invasive solution for the recognition of transiting vehicles up to 250 km/h, maximum speed guaranteed
  • All-in-one technology: all necessary equipment embedded in the camera
  • Double Head system: OCR camera and color context camera

These features enable road autohorities to use the camera not only for tolling, but alo to monitor the safety and security on the road infrastructure.

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