FOG Armed Security Systems Introduces Solution to protect Against Burglary

Fog Armed Security Systems Introduces Solution to Protect Against Burglary

Facts: A burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States! This means that three out for four homes in the U.S. will be broken into within the next twenty years. An astonishing and sad statistical fact. What makes it even worse is that the police usually only clears 13% of all reported burglaries, since mostly witnesses or physical evidence are lacking.

Do you ever worry about your home or business being burglarized? In an unfortunate event like this, don’t you wish your security system didn’t just inform you about a break in and actually did something about it to protect you at that very moment?

Amin Nathani, Founder and CEO of Fog Armed
Amin Nathani, Founder and CEO of Fog Armed

“An intruder usually has about 8 – 10 mins to rob a place, from the time the alarm goes off and till the first responders arrive at the crime scene. The intruder knows about it and hence plans accordingly to grab whatever he can and flee without getting caught, not to mention the damage they cause and the mess they leave behind. Most of the times the intruder visits the place a few times, to scan it and plan the robbery to make the most out of the opportunity within that limited time. Also to beat the surveillance system, they always cover themselves with a face mask and hand glove, leaving no evidence behind to trace them back.”, says Amin Nathani, Founder and CEO of Fog Armed.

“Technological advancement has offered us state of the art safety & security products. But if you analyze, all these fancy gadgets offer more of convenience than security, specially when we need it. the most. Most of the security gadgets offer more passive surveillance than active defense. More of informing you about what’s happening than providing instance protection. For this reason it is always necessary to have an additional system that can disorient and stop the intruders in the first few seconds of the attempt. This gave birth to an idea, a solution and with it came Fog Armed Security System, converting your security system from Passive Surveillance to Active Defense.”

Fog Armed Products: FA7001 and FA7002
Fog Armed Products: FA7001 and FA7002

Fog Armed Security System is designed to provide instant protection when you need it the most, the time in between the alarm going off and the first responders arriving at the scene. It generates dense fog within seconds as soon as the alarm goes off, providing zero visibility to the intruder. The intruder not expecting it, is taken by surprise not knowing what’s hitting him, and is forced to leave in fear, thus taking away the only window of opportunity he had to steal.

Why Fog Armed is the perfect investment for You…

  • The loss you’ll incur in one successful robbery, will pay for our security system which can avoid that robbery.
  • One successful robbery may lead to another. Word gets around fast in their community.
  • Even though you have insurance and you can claim your losses, you still have to pay the deductible which will pay for our security system and avoid you going through this hassle.
  • Filing a claim for your loss and getting reimbursed is never free. Besides having to pay the deductible, there’s always a possibility of rise in premium and they may even drop your coverage.
  • More than the tangible loss, it’s the mental & emotional trauma your family goes through after a robbery and living in fear thereafter. This can be easily avoided through our security system, now this is Priceless!!!
  • Lastly, if only all the fancy gadgets provided real security & protection, why would we still have break ins and valuables stolen?

With Forg Armed there are no monthly fees and no long-term contracts.

Fog Armed is launching on Kickstarter soon. Visit our website to learn about our introductory promotions. We are looking also looking for channel partners. Please contact us to explore mutual opportunities.

Fog Armed is also participating in the online security trade show of

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