Explicate provides agency services to some of the best brands in the security industry

Explicate provides agency services to some of the best brands in the security industry

Explicate signs deal with SMP Robotics and expands portfolio of high-end security solutions

Explicate is proud to announce that it has recently signed an agreement with SMP Robotics to provide agency services in selected European countries. “This addition further strengthens the portfolio of brands that we have the honor to represent and help with finding new clients and partners to expand and improve their sales channels. All these brands offer a great opportunity to installers and distributors to grow their security business”, says Maarten Mijwaart, owner of Explicate.

Explicate provides agency services to some of the best brands in the security industry

“At Explicate we recently celebrated our second anniversary. As probably is the case with any new business: we have taken a few turns from where we originally started. We have learned a great deal about what we enjoy doing and where we are of value to our customers. At the moment we are continuing our efforts for the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn and SecIndGroup.com. And tightly related to that we are doing official agency work for a number of great brands in security technology”, says Maarten Mijwaart, owner of Explicate.

“I am personally very thankful to Tattile, our first major client on both the site and for agency work and I do hope we will be working together for many years to come. Of course I would also like to thank all other clients that have put their trust in us in the past two years. We will be working hard to keep earning that trust and build a great future together.”

Explicate has renewed its website to better represent the current activities and portfolio of brands. The following brands currently have great opportunities for new system integrators and distributors that are looking to be able to supply great security solutions to their clients:

  • Tattile – Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    Tattile is one of the major global brands in license plate recognition. Tattile is currently looking for new partners in security in the Benelux, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.
  • EL-GO Team – Vehicle barriers and entrances
    EL-GO Team specializes in highly secure vehicle entrance solutions to help be protected against trespassing and terrorist attacks with vehicles. EL-GO Team is looking for new representation in various European countries.
  • Delightica (Domox) – Integration and visualisation of alarm systems
    Delightica is a small Dutch enterprise that is offering a solution to enhance Aritech ATS Advanced and Classic alarm systems. Delightica is looking for new global partners that have an installed base of Aritech intrusion detection systems.
  • Geran Access – Physical Access Control Products
    Geran Access Products is a Dutch specialist in physical access control that offers a complete portfolio of solutions to its quickly expanding client base throughout Europe. Geran is looking for new installers and distributors throughout Europe.
  • SMP Robotics – Patrolling and Guarding Robots
    SMP Robotics supplies robots that can provide guarding and patrolling services. These robots are technologically advanced unmanned surveillance solutions. Explicate is representing SMP Robotics in: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Spain. More information about this new partnership will follow soon.
  • DFSL – Perimeter and Zone Protection using LIDAR
    LIDAR is an acronym for LIght Detection and Ranging. LIDAR devices send out pulses of laser light at a surface and measure the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back. DFSL is looking for new partners in various parts of the world.

Explicate is also a proud partner of:

  • Security On Screen
    Security On Screen is an initiative from security media veteran Peter Mawson. Security On Screen delivers high quality content to our industry, mostly in professional video formats! SIG and SOS can, in combination, deliver you the best possible support for your marketing and PR campaigns.

Please contact Maarten directly if you would like to know more.

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