Explicate celebrates its first year in business

Explicate celebrates its first year in business

Today, a year ago, Explicate was registered at the local Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Explicate’s mission is to bridge the ‘gap of comprehension’ that exists when technical suppliers and non-technical buyers start communicating. In our first year we have helped several companies to communicate to their audience in a more comprehensive way.

Explicate one year in business

Security Industry Group and SecIndGroup.com

Explicate manages the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn and also the related website SecIndGroup.com. The group has continued to grow on LinkedIn and this growth seems to accelerate now that LinkedIn has re-embraced the concept of groups once again and is now starting to show commitment to further improve groups-related functionality. Website traffic is also growing. Thousands of people now frequently visit SecIndGroup.com to learn about products, solutions and related technology.

Agency service for Tattile ANPR

Explicate has commenced acting as an agent for Italian ANPR solutions manufacturer Tattile in July 2019. We started doing business development for the Benelux region. We have agreed to expand this major contract to include the Scandinavian region. Tattile was also one of the very first partners to appear on SecIndGroup.com.

Ready for 2020

We are looking forward to the new year. There are plans for great new features on SecIndGroup.com. Vendors that join SecIndGroup.com will benefit from increased visibility and recognition. To understand how we can help, have a look at our media kit.

And we are ready to also support your business. Are you looking for the right words for your sales pitch? Are you struggling to define your proposition? Do you experience difficulties reaching your audience? Could you use help in defining your new corporate strategy? Contact us! We understand technology. We know the industry. And we know what it takes to achieve great results!


For more information, please contact:

Maarten Mijwaart
+31 (0)6 1973 5553

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