Expanding into new territories with Explicate and the Security Industry Group

Expanding into new territories with Explicate and the Security Industry Group

The activity level within the Security Industry Group and on SecIndGroup.com is steadily growing. More vendors are joining the online trade show; Idesco and Idemia are the most recent new additions. Did you know that the Security Industry Group is an initiative from Explicate, a company that specializes in agency and business development services? Explicate and the Security Industry Group may be the right tool for you as a security vendor, to expand into new territories.

Agency services by Explicate and the Security Industry Group

Explicate is a small enterprise with one clear mission: help bridge the gap of comprehension between suppliers and end-users in technology-driven industry categories, like security systems category in our industry. This website (https://secindgroup.com), that was launched as an extension to the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn, was our first initiative to fulfill that mission. Explicate is working on some exciting new initiatives that will enable us to share more high quality news and background information with you. Our current reach exceeds over 145,000 professionals in the global security industry.

Looking to expand into new territories?

The people behind the Security Industry Group have been active in the international security industry a long time. Their experience and large personal networks, combined with the reach of the Security Industry Group platform, could be a great asset for you if you are looking to expand the international market for your products. Explicate collaborates with a number of international partners with similar experience and a like-minded approach. If you are a security vendor that is trying to build an international sales channel, we can service you at four specified levels…

Level 1: Join the online security trade show for free

Anyone can visit SecIndGroup.com. There is no fee. No hidden costs. We do not hunt for email-addresses of visitors. Whatever news or information we share is available to all visitors. No restrictions.

Manufacturers and vendors can also join for free. You can set up an account and publish some of your most important products. View our membership plans for more info.

Make sure to share your press releases, articles and news. In essence we will share whatever we feel is of value to our audience. Even without any out-of-pocket investment you can increase the visibility of your brand to potentially new clients and also partners.

Level 2: Join the online security trades show as a first class vendor

For an annual fee of 499 Euro per year you can join our initiative as a first class vendor. A small investment to get a premium position on the site and in our groups. We will make sure that your news items are shared on our platform and seen by our audience. Review our our membership plans for more info.

But more importantly: by joining as “first class vendor” we will happily work with you to achieve your goals in strengthening your channel as well. Our “first class vendors” will get personal support in publishing content and generate new contacts.

Level 3: Regional on-boarding services

Entering a new region or country takes effort. The local market needs to be investigated and mapped out. Dynamics need to be understood. Major players and new potential partners need to be identified. A got-to-market strategy needs to be defined. Your company needs to be introduced and maybe a demo of your system needs to provided or an introductory meeting needs to be hosted.

These are typical services we can execute on your behalf. Explicate can help you on-board the new region. We can agree beforehand on an hourly rate and plan a timed approach.

Level 4: Agency Services

If you are looking to establish a local presence but you are not interested (yet) in opening a local office and hire local people, you may want to consider to contract a local agency to represent you.

Maarten Mijwaart about business and technology
Maarten Mijwaart, owner of Explicate and initiator of SecIndGroup.com

A professional agency will represent your brand well, without having to worry about setting up local facilities, manage local staff and deal with legislation related to having a local entity.

Explicate is available to represent your company and help you grow your business in Europe. Our global network of partners can also help you grow your business in other regions.

Various contract models are possible. At the end it is about establishing a win-win situation.

Curious whether we can help? Contact us!

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