Everybody moves in freely – until an unauthorized person tries to come in

Everybody moves in freely – until an unauthorized person tries to come in

Geran Access Products distributes dFlow, the welcoming entrance gate that is normally open and only closes when needed

Geran Access Products has secured the exclusive right to distribute Digicon’s dFlow in Europe. Based on the concept of free flow, the entrance gate has normally open doors that only close in case of unauthorized access. Instead of stopping people and slowing them down, dFlow tracks every individual using an innovative sensing system that monitors the entire passage area.

Geran Access Products distributes dFlow, the welcoming entrance gate that is normally open and only closes when needed

Each individual is linked to an identification technology, like an access card or a biometric identification. If an individual tries to walk into the entrance gate that is not identified or that does not have sufficient access rights, the gate will immediate respond and block access.

In traditional gates, the barriers are normally closed. With dFlow, the doors are in a normally open state. This paradigm shift is what sets Free Flow gates apart from previous models. The entrance gate only closes when unauthorized individuals, including piggybackers and tailgaters, try to pass through the gate. The closing system is quick, precise and decisive, employing a well designed mechanical construction, an innovative sensing systems and sophisticated software algorithms.

The traditional security entrance challenge

It is a challenge that many security managers and facility managers of corporate facilities have faced since the wide adoption of electronic access control systems and physical entrance gates in banks and other office spaces: “How do we secure the building but still make employees and visitors feel welcome and also accommodate an adequate people flow rate at the gates?

Especially in offices and other environments where large groups of people work in shifts or during office hours, it may occur that thousands of people are moving in or out the building simultaneously. Over the past decades many of these building have been equipped with access gates and built-in access card readers or biometric readers. Employees, visitors and contractors identify themselves by presenting a card, finger or face to the system and consequently are allowed access one by one. And although this concept works well, people sometimes are still delayed or underserved when it comes to the user-friendliness of the entrance experience.

A remarkable combination of innovative technologies

The dFlow solution was designed to offer the greatest level of freedom when moving in or out a secured zone, thus facilitating larger volumes of people flow traffic, while maintaining a sufficient security level. This solution potentially can initiate a paradigm shift in physical access control. The systems consist of an overhead sensor that monitors every movement of every individual in and around the entrance gate. The gate sensors and actuators are designed to respons in split seconds. And the entrance gate can easily be connected to any form of identification technology.

Of course this may sound too good to be true to many of us that have been active in the security industry for many years. We have witnessed the introductions of many promising innovations that, in the end, just failed to deliver the promises that were made as part of the value proposition. When Geran Access Products invited us to their showroom in Rijssen, the Netherlands, we did not hesitate to accept the invitation. With a healthy degree of skepticism we listened to the explanation and demonstration of the dFlow installation. We were also allowed to test the solution ourselves. And honestly: we were amazed by the sensitivity, the accuracy and the swiftness of the sensors and the responsivess of the system.

Relevant usage scenarios

The system in Geran’s showroom was equipped with conventional smart card readers. We tried a variety of usage scenarios:

  • Multiple authorized people moving in at high speed into one direction, checking to see if all people were allowed access.
  • Multiple authorized people moving in from both directions, checking to see if all people were allowed access.
  • A tailgating scenario where an unauthorized person was following an authorized person, checking to see of the gate would close in time.
  • People moving in from both directions, with an unauthorized person moving in from one side, checking to see of the gate would close in time.

It was remarkable to see that the dFlow gate responded without any hesitation. A powerful feature of the dFlow gate is the usage of LED lights at the sides of the gate that visualize the movement of all individuals in real time. Different colors are used to tell people apart.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Digicon has been working on the dFlow solution for quite some time. Since 2016 various installations of dFlow were executed in prestiguous locations throughout the Americas. It was installed in airports (Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport in Brazil, Sabsa Airports in Bolivia, etc.), hospitals, office buildings and universities.

Also in Europe various installations have been executed. The video above is howing the entrance of Idemia in Paris, where dFlow is connected with Idemia’s MorphoWave biometric readers. But you will find dFlow also in the prestiguous office of Ferrero in Luxembourg.

Geran Access Products is trained by Digicon and skilled and certified to assist you with installing the dFlow entrance gates throughout Europe. Contact us if you would like to learn more about dFlow or other physical entrance solutions.

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