Ensuring a Safe Environment with Video Surveillance at Colleges

Ensuring a Safe Environment with Video Surveillance at Colleges

TKH Security ensures a safe environment at Dutch Koning Willem I College

Koning Willem I College (KW1C) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a regional educational institute for secondary vocational education offering apprenticeships and vocational training courses in the sectors of Economy, Technology, Education and Care & Welfare. TKH Security has been providing camera technology and video management for this client for thirteen years. Head of Security at KW1C, Bart Jansen: “TKH Security is collaborative and reliable”.

“In 2007, technical consultancy Sinis came up with the suggestion of VDG Security, later known as TKH Security, as a possible candidate for implementing our safety, surveillance and security program”, says Bart Jansen. “We started out small at one location. Nowadays the video management system is used at four educational locations with more than 250 cameras, 28 large data switches and 11 video servers”.

The most recent subproject was the parking lot with 634 spaces, which Jansen wanted to have in full view. “We asked TKH Security for expert advice, including the best cameras to use and where to place them. Our cooperation is therefore not just a matter of placing cameras randomly and renewing them periodically. On their advice, 360-degree cameras have been installed in all our canteens, so that we can view the entire room and zoom in if necessary. In addition, all corridors and emergency doors are visible to us. In short, my colleagues in the offices can view all important places in real time and, if necessary, review footage at a later date”.

Bart Jansen mentions good collaboration and reliability as TKH Security’s strong points. “Regular contact keeps me informed of the latest developments that can be applied at our locations”. Jansen already has one such functionality: “I have the VDG Sense app from the video management system on my phone and soon we will also be working with alerts through an integration from the Security Management System. The number one priority for us is to provide a safe environment for our students. TKH Security’s technology offers us the possibility of achieving that”.

Source: TKH Security

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