Enhance your Aritech Security System with domox

Enhance your Aritech Security System with domox controller, app and portal

Dutch technology innovator Delightica created domox as an easy, but highly effective, upgrade of Aritech / ATS Advanced alarm systems. The design goals were clear and simple:

  1. Users must be able to manage their intrusion alarm system with an iPhone.
  2. Users must be able to easily monitor the video feeds of their IP cameras.
  3. Users must be able to interface with their home automation system.

And besides that, security installers should be able to install, configure and reconfigure the domox systems swift and without any hassle.

Enhance your Aritech Security System with domox

And this is exactly what Delightica has accomplished!

The magic of domox

The heart of the domox solution is the domox controller that is installed in the local IP network and that connects the Internet. The controller connects to all modern ATS Advanced panels. It automatically imports the alarm configuration. It also connects to home automation systems that follow the KNX standard.

The controller is als connected to the domox portal. Installers can remotely monitor and edit installations. We are very proud of the wizard that makes commissioning the solution very simple.

The domox control app runs on iPhones and iPads to monitor the system, including the video feeds from IP-cameras.

Dealers wanted!

Domox is looking for Aritech dealers that are able to explain their customers what the benefits of domox are and that are willing to incorporate the potential domox upgrade into the annual maintenance of Aritech / ATS alarm systems.

Or visit Aritech.online for more information!

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