EL-GO Team Sees Increase in Deployment of Vehicle Security Barriers

EL-GO Team Sees Increase in Deployment of Vehicle Security Barriers

Global security barrier specialist EL-GO Team recently shared their obervations about a significant increase in the deployment of vehicle security barriers. It appears that globally incidents, related to terrorism and trespassing involving vehicles, continue to increase around the world. The need to secure sensitive locations and critical infrastructures, such as government buildings, airports, malls, and army bases has become more imperative. The awareness of vehicles as important security carriers seems to be growing worldwide.

EL-GO Team Sees Increase in Deployment of Vehicle Security Barriers
What is a vehicle barrier system?

Vehicle barrier exist in many different shapes and forms. Bollards, road blockers and arm barriers are all part of security systems that ensure security control at perimeters or that aim to increase security and safety on roads.

Security barriers guard vehicle entrances and make sure that unauthorized vehicles are denied access. Some barriers are operated manually, others are operating in an automated way.

In simple terms, vehicle barriers are designed to stop or destroy vehicles that are deliberately or by mistake driven into the protected areas. These barriers are capable of stopping a vehicle that attempts to break the barrier. EL-GO Team specializes in heavy duty barriers that are part of high-security installations. These security barriers can prevent a potential attacks and limit the impact when vehicles are used to force access to secured facilities or when vehicles are weapanized.

Security barriers can be controlled and managed manually as well as remotely. Vehicle barriers are often used at vehicle entrances that are part of en electronic access control system.

Bollards, road blockers, arm barriers and other anti-vehicle barriers are quickly becoming a standard element of secured perimeters and are usually installed as part of security systems to only allow authorized vehicles to enter a “safe zone”.

Why these anti-security vehicle barriers are important?

There are security bollards and barriers available for every situation. Depending on the requirements of a specific application or situation a specific type and model of a vehicle security barrier cam be selected. There are various different crash levels and related certifications.

Vehicle Barrier Systems deliver excellent protection against vehicle related security risks, while maintaining secure and easy pedestrian access. Automated systems are the key to manage high volumes of traffic while maintaining adequate security levels and provide certain access control points with increased force protection posture. These are the kinds of security barriers that protect the lives of people.

Where are High Security Barriers used?

A range of high Vehicle Security parking barriers is available with high-security access control and are designed to resist penetration of an out-of control vehicle.

Vehicle security barriers are used to ensure the security control of entrances and exits of sites like military areas, communities or condominiums, industrial and corporate estates. Road blockers and heavy duty arm barriers are often used in military installations, where automatic bollards are often used in citizen areas.

Nowadays the high-security vehicle barriers are traditionally mostly used in the following critical areas:

But EL-GO Team seems a trend where local authorities are getting more aware about the need to specifically protect citizens as part of safety and security measures. So vehicle security barrier are also used more and more in the following applications:

  • City centers
  • Shopping areas
  • Parking facilities
  • Leisure areas
  • Car rental agencies

EL-GO Team is a leading security systems provider and considered market leading in the design and manufacturing of physical access control barriers.

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