EL-GO Team expands range of shallow mount bollards and vehicles access control solutions

EL-GO Team expands range of shallow mount bollards and vehicles access control solutions

EL-GO Team recently announced the further expansion of its portfolio of so called “shallow mount” bollards and other vehicle entrance solutions. The vehicle protection and access control specialist believes that these shallow mount bollards are en effective way for organisations to be protected against a variety of vehicle attacks.

EL-GO Team expands range of shallow mount bollards and vehicles access control solutions

Ramming vehicle attacks have been talked about in media often in recent years. These type of attacks are usually considered a big challenge by security managers. These types of attachs cause great damage and unfortunately often human casualties are to be regretted. Meausures of extreme physical nature often are needed to prevent these attacks. Using bollards around the site’s perimeter is one solution to prevent unauthorized vehicles from trying to forece their wau into the secured perimeter.

EL-GO Team questions whether it is necessary to use deep mount bollards everywhere to provide the required protection. Often shallow mount bollards are good enough to meet security needs and requirements.

Why consider shallow mount bollards rather than deep mount bollards?

Undoubtedly, installing bollards often is considered one of the best ways to achieve high protection levels against vehicle attacks. However, sometimes deep excavation is npt possible or affordable. In those circumstances, the shallow mounted bollards are a great solution, which offers greater flexibility in installation.

Here are some reasons to select shallow mount bollards over deep mount bollards:

  • In some places you are simply not allowed to make a deep excavation. It could be because groundwater levels are close to the surface. Or maybe archeological finds need protection. But you must install bollards to protect the facility or street. Shallow mount bollards are ultimate solution.
  • Shallow mount bollards are also considered a “greener” solution since less machinery and less concrete are used. With some basic machinery on-site, you can deploy these bollards without affecting the environment too much.
  • Shallow mount bollards are crash certified and provide complete protection against heavy-duty vehicles.

EL-GO Team Shallow Mount Bollards

Based on the decades of experience of the company in designing and manufacturing vehicle-related protection and access control solutions, EL-GO Team provides the best shallow mount bollards for your site safety.

  • The newest shallow mount bollards are a valuable addition to EL-GO Team’s product portfolio. The new bollards offer some exceptional features and specifications:
  • The shallow mount bollards have been gone through full certification tests related to ASTM or IWA-14 standards to ensure that your critical infrastructure is secured well.
  • Shallow mount means that the depth of installation can be within 200mm. Some models even support full surface mount and require virtually excavation depth.
  • For higher protection level requirements, shallow mount bollards require an excavation depth of 200, 350, 400, or 600 mm.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between fixed, removable or sliding bollards.
    These bollards are tested against the 7500 Kg truck coming at 48 km/h or 64 km/h.
  • Regadering the appearance: Customers have a range of options related to the color and finishes to choose from.
  • EL-GO Team shallow mount bollards can be deployed and commissioned within a few hours.

Metis Sliding Bollard

Automatic bollards are often used at parking facilities and secured vehicle entrances at airports, defense sites or in smart cities. Automatic bollards are also available in shallow mount editions. EL-GO Team has released the METIS Sliding Bollard in its portfolio a few years ago, which is a truly unique solution to equip a vehicle entrance with sophisticated and secure access control equipment.

EL-Go Team METIS Sliding Bollard

Vehicle access control and perimeter security can be a strategic assets when securing critical infrastructures, industrial sites and university campuses. Shallow mount bollards and sliding bollards can be valuable elements of those security installations.

EL-GO Team is looking for new channel partners in selected countries. Please contact us to find out more.

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