Efficient and safe in an emergency: Interflex launches new solution for evacuation management

Efficient and safe in an emergency: Interflex launches new solution for evacuation management 

Interflex recently announced the release of a new solution for evacuation management. Companies that belong to critical infrastructures are instructed to conduct regular evacuation and fire protection drills. These are usually not only time-consuming but also expensive. Attendance lists are often kept in paper form and hardly provide a reliable overview of all persons present on the company premises or in the danger zone in a real emergency.

Interflex launches new solution for evacuation management

A new evacuation management solution from Interflex now provides a remedy: the dynamic evacuation list.

With the evacuation solution from Interflex, companies benefit for the first time from an efficient solution that provides a comprehensive and dynamic view of all groups of people who are on the premises at the time of the exercise or in the event of an emergency. Embedded in the IF-6040 software system solution, the list is automatically and continuously fed with data from visitor management, access control and time recording. In this way, emergency managers at the assembly point have an up-to-date overview and can search for specific persons if necessary.

“The crucial thing is that the list always remains up to date, even during evacuation. The list accesses the Access module and thus registers as soon as a person leaves the factory premises and logs out there at the terminal. Then this person is automatically listed as absent,” explains Samuel Wyss, Product Manager at Interflex. “Printed attendance lists are a thing of the past, because people no longer have to be ticked off with a piece of paper and pen. And that’s a good thing, because such a list is already out of date when printed.”

Interflex Datensysteme GmbH, based in Stuttgart (Germany), belongs to Allegion since 2013 and is thus part of a worldwide network.

Allegion, specialized in security around the doorway, comprises 25 global brands, some of which have been in business for more than 100 years.

Source: Interflex

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