EasySecure: Identity Management using Cloud Software, Biometrics and Wireless Applications

EasySecure: Identity Management using Cloud Software, Biometrics and Wireless Applications

We can announce with great pride that Dutch specialist in Identity Management EasySecure has decided to join the online security trade show her on SecIndGroup.com. The reason that we appreciate their partnership so much is that this company has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry categories identity management and access control. We had the pleasure to speak to CEO Werner Roest who shares with us his view on the market and the drivers for the success of the company.

EasySecure CEO - Werner Roest
EasySecure CEO – Werner Roest

Thank you for joining our initiative Werner. Can you briefly introduce yourself, your organization and your occupation to our members and visitors?

EasySecure International, established in 2005, is a specialist when it comes to biometrics. In the first 10 years, several awards were won in the field of innovation. The number of users grew to over 10,000 in more than 20 countries. We expect to be operating in more than 50 countries in 10 years.

We have fully dedicated ourselves to the identity management market with a focus on innovation by using cloud software, biometrics and wireless applications. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and always seek the highest quality products.

EasySecure was one of the first in the industry that fully embraced biometric technology for access control applications and now you are also among the first to solely focus on cloud-based security systems. What is causing this innovative drive?

It’s partially entrepreneurship, but it also comes from the fact that our roots are in the software industry. The software industry is by nature much more innovative when compared to the more conventional access control industry.

The biometric identification market is also a niche market and because of this we have to challenge and develop ourselves constantly to improve our competitive strength and, more importantly, add more value to our solutions for our customer. We therefor often add functionality that is not is not widely available in the security industry.

Do you see any specific trend in the application of biometric technology in identity management and access control installations? Has the technology improved over the years?

The technology has definitely improved! Biometric identification systems nowadays are quick, reliable and the recognition rate is perfect. The technology has been widely accepted over the years. in the future we expect there will be many more sites working with biometrics. The very wide market acceptance is strongly related to the fact that biometric identification has been implemented on Apple and Android phones.

However, the perfect access control solutions is always constructed with a combination of the right components. EasySecure has selected the best components and we have added those to our portfolio: high quality facial recognition, finger-scans, but also card readers, keypads and innovative wireless solutions.

A significant trend in our industry is that more and more companies are moving from conventional security system topologies to cloud-based security solutions. An increasing number of organisations are moving security applications to the cloud and really don’t want to deal with the hassle of constant updates, servers costs and local support.

Our cloud software is always up to date, monitored 24/7, externally tested for security, scalable and easy to use over multiple locations. With our cloud software you can easily scale-up the system to match your company growth and it is much easier to quickly compose your ideal solution for access control, time and attendance, visitor management and project management.

Why are you so committed to cloud-based security systems? What are the greatest advantages?

Cloud software requires no local installation and hardware costs. There is no risk of hardware failing or having to be updated. Older operating systems often contain vulnerabilities and thus can cause security risks and that is exactly what you don’t want when implementing a security system.

Cloud software, when done right, is monitored 24/7. Our software receives an update every month, both for security and functionality. The software is hosted on redundant servers and is always online. An external quality assurance department is testing the software constantly and an external auditor executes code reviews and penetration tests every quarter. Local installations can never compete with these kind of security measurements.

Another benefit is the possibility to have the software grow along with your company. Cloud software is flexible and completely scalable. Cloud software can also easily be integrated with other software such as HR, planning, payroll or ERP software.

Our industry sometimes is perceived to be somewhat conservative. Looking at some of the hacks and breaches in cloud-based systems, people might be right in moving with caution when deploying cloud-based security systems in their organization. Do you agree? What would be your advice to people that consider any cloud-based system vulnerable to security risks?

We advise everyone to look into the solution that you want to implement. There are many companies offering cloud-based solutions. Often this is just a local installation that you can open up to the outside world. Then you open up your local network, hardware and possible security issues to the outside world.

Today cloud software can be safer compared to local installations. Always ask your cloud supplier about their security measurements, penetration tests and where the software is hosted. It is your data and you need to be positive it is stored safely and handled correctly.

You have been in business since 2005. Is there a specific project or installation that you look back at with great pride?

There are many projects and installations that we are very proud of. The first project that comes to mind was back in 2009 when we started with time registration, access control and attendance at a large retail chain.

Currently there are 240 locations attached to their software environment. They are using a combination of fingerprint, card and code as identification technology. The software is integrated with their HR, planning and payroll services and with SAP. At their headquarters, a complete overview of all locations is available and the local site manager can only manage its own employees.

This was the first of many large multi-location sites that we were allowed to support with our security solutions.

EasySecure cloud-based security solutions
EasySecure cloud-based security solutions

Does EasySecure focus on the European market or is your commercial scope larger than that?

Our current focus is on the European market, but we expect to operate globally more and more over the next period. We currently have partners in over 135 countries and many multi-national customers that use our system all over the world.

We already can show a great track-record of delivering robust and well-working software solutions, but we still continue to invest in new technologies to maintain our ability to bring high-quality cloud-based solutions to our customers.

Are there any future plans regarding your business that you can share with us?

We have currently integrated Suprema, DOM, Axis and ASSA ABLOY products into our cloud solution. There is a distribution network for these products all over the world. We support a full range of high-quality products for access control, time and attendance, visitor management and project registration.

We continuously invest in the latest technologies and highest quality and keep adding new innovative functions and hardware into our platform. We are always looking for global partner alliances to further support our customer base worldwide and provide innovative solutions for cloud-based identity management. So we invite potential partners to contact us.

Thank you very much for joining SecIndGroup.com and good luck with your business Werner!


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