EasySecure: AirFob Patch enables any MIFARE card reader to read Suprema mobile credentials

EasySecure: AirFob Patch enables any MIFARE card reader to read Suprema mobile credentials

Suprema recently introduced the “Airfob Patch”. This is a device that attaches to existing RF card readers to make them compatible with credentials stored in a mobile device. The AirFob Patch is now available through our vendor EasySecure International. With the AirFob Patch any MIFARE card reader can be expanded with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) receiver that is also capable of converting the BLE signal into RF output that resembles the output of a normal MIFARE card (the CSN, or Card Serial Number). Existing access control systems can now easily be ex[anded with mobile access control functionality without the need of investing in new hardware or cabling.

Suprema AirFob patch, available at EasySecure International.

EasySecure’s cloud based access control solutions was already integrated with Suprema Mobile Access. With these mobile credentials you can use your own smartphone as a key to access doors and in addition also easily register time and attendance. As the European distributor of Suprema’s portfolio, EasySecure has spoken to a variety of clients about the best way to implement and use mobile access solutions in their organisation. Many of these clients were enthusiastic about the potential value, but some of the raised concerns over having to install new multi-technology readers that support mobile credentials and conventional cards. In those cases the AirFob Patch may be a really interesting option:

Suprema AirFob Patch schematic

Easily patch to exisiting MIFARE readers
Suprema Airfob Patch is an adhesive-backed, patch-on device easily applicable to everywhere RF card is used. It is easy to install, requiring no wiring or construction.

No battery needed
Suprema Airfob Patch works without battery, harvesting energy from RF field signals transmitted from the card reader.

EasySecure’s access control system Identysoft connects online with the Airfob portal to enable easy remote administration of mobile credentials. The AirFob Patch uses a secure BLE channel to identify the person carrying the smartphone that contains a mobile credentials. The AirFob Patch converts the signal into the output of a MIFARE card. This signal is read by the existing MIFARE reader and the corresponding unique serial number is sent to the connected access control system.

EasySecure believes the AirFob Patch to be a great asset for security managers that are looking to support their users with friction-less and touch-less access control, but do not want to spend the time and money to re-invest in reading devices.

Read the brochure for more information.

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