Dutch Technical Service Provider Unica Acquires Dutch Security Management Specialist EAL

Dutch Technical Service Provider Unica Acquires Dutch Security Management Specialist EAL

Dutch technical services company Unica recently announced that the company has acquired local security management vendor EAL, based in Apeldoorn (NL). EAL, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, is regarded as a leading manufacturer of security management and access control systems. EAL systems are used in major hospitals, banks, insurance companies, the Dutch government and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Dutch Technical Service Provider Unica Acquires Dutch Security Management Specialist EAL

EAL will become part of the Unica Access & Security business unit, which contains multipe companies that provide systems and services related to access control and security. The companies Nsecure (Dutch market leader in enterprise access and identity management) and Unica Smart Security (management and maintenance of integrated access and security solutions) are also part of this business unit. With the addition of EAL, Unica Access & Security expects that it is the sole company in the Netherlands that is capable to develop, install, manage and maintain complete access control and security systems. Unica believes that an increasing amount of companies are in need of a solution provider that can take full responsibility for both the systems and services related to integrated security solution implementations.

“As a director of technological solutions for buildings, we see the importance of security and efficient access provision only increasing. With the addition of EAL to our organization, we are taking an important step in strengthening our Access & Security activities, which we can now offer to customers as an integrated solution. In turn, EAL benefits from our expertise and position in this market, which offers the team new development opportunities and challenges. The culture of EAL as a reliable family business, with a strong innovative character, is also an excellent match for Unica. EAL is a solid specialist in high-end access control and with its loyal team and broad experience, it enriches our organization.”

John Quist, CEO of Unica

As part of the Unica organisation, EAL is looking to expand and grow its knowledge domains. It can offer its customers a broader range of services and use the expertise of the sister companies in the cluster to broaden the knowledge of the team.

“We are pleased to become part of one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands in the year of our 50th anniversary. By joining Unica, we gain access to extensive knowledge in other security management domains such as cloud solutions and cybersecurity. Unica’s extensive customer portfolio also offers new opportunities to further expand our market position and to offer clients an even higher solution quality.”

Pascal Vos, managing director of EAL

The management of EAL, which in addition to Pascal Vos consists of his brothers Jean Paul Vos (commercial directior) and Stephan Vos (R&D director), will remain closeley associated with EAL and will retain the day-to-day management of the company.

Unica expects to make several acquisitions per year in the coming years. Targeted acquisitions are part of the growth strategy for each of the nine business clusters that make up the Unica network. In addition to strengthening the specialized knowledge domains, the acquisition agenda also focuses on expanding the current national branch network in order to strengthen the regional presence.

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