Dutch Specialist in Physical Access Solutions Geran Access Products Joins the Security Industry Group

Dutch Specialist in Physical Access Solutions Geran Access Products joins the Security Industry Group

Explicate, owner and initiator of the LinkedIn Security Industry Group and the related online portal SecIndGroup.com, announces that Dutch specialist in physical access solutions Geran Access Products has decided to join the Security Industry Group as a First Class Vendor.

Geran Access Products joins the Security Industry Group

Geran Access Products offers a complete portfolio of solutions to its quickly expanding client base throughout Europe. Geran specializes in high quality and cost effective solutions to physically manage the access of people to secured zones and perimeters. Geran develops and manufactures its own products, but also secured exclusive distribution agreements for Europe with major international vendors.

Cost effective and cutting edge solutions

Geran Access Products will present all its major products on the online security trade show. Today the most important access lanes, access gates and turnstile can be witnessed.

A great example of Geran’s innovative approach is their recent release of the Geran Clean2Go Turnstile: A Turnstile that is equipped with an on-boartrd compartment for hand disinfection. Only after disinfectant was successfully released, the turnstile will allow access.

But of course straightforward cost effective turnstiles are available as well, like the Catrax Plus or the Catrax Fit.

A very popular solution in Geran’s current portfolio is dFlow: the first entrance solution in the market that offers free access to authorized staff and only closes when unauthorized access is detected.

This innovative access lane solution is finally offering something that security managers and facility managers of corporate environments been looking for a long time: the possibility to provide unhindered access to high volumes of staff, contractors and visitors while ensuring each person holds the right access credentials. This combination of openness and security is truly unique.

Geran Access Products is agreat addition to our online trade show. We are looking forward to share their solutions and ideas here on this platform and in our groups.

If you are already interested to learn more, please contact us.

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