Drax Technology new Euralarm member

Drax Technology new Euralarm Member

Euralarm has welcomed Drax Technology as new member. The company will join the Fire Section of Euralarm which activities cover the technical and political trends and taking action to guide the developments. Together with a diverse number of stakeholders in Europe, the fire section collaborates on finding solutions for today’s challenges as well as tomorrow’s challenges for fire safety in a digitized world.

Drax Technology becomes Euralarm member

Drax Technology will now benefit from Euralarm’s services in terms of representation towards European institutions and standardisation organisations. This includes the monitoring of legislative and standardisation issues relevant to the industry. Drax Technology will have access to the extended network of national associations and major companies in the electronic fire safety and security sectors, which form Euralarm’s members. The new membership will create opportunities for both sides, as it also strengthens the association.

Drax Technology

Drax Technology are market leaders in the design and supply of solutions for the integration, monitoring, management and reporting of multiple alarm systems into a single and user-friendly graphical interface and cloud-based reporting dashboard. The company is highly specialised in integrating and centralising fire alarm panels from a variety of manufacturers to help users to meet the demands of managing both modern and complex sites, no matter their location. Drax have built positive relationships with market-leading manufacturers, yet remain an independent organisation with no obligatory ties, and are therefore able to create bespoke systems that are unique to the customer’s requirement.

Drax Technology are committed to ensuring that their customer’s systems are future-proofed, with robust research and product development processes that ensure the highest level of protection for people and assets. Businesses that work with Drax are encouraged to utilise their data to improve their fire strategy; using custom reporting and trend-analysis to inform preventative maintenance practices, reduce response times and cost, as well as monitor performance through clear audit-trails.

Insight into European markets

Companies joining Euralarm get a unique insight into what is happening on other European markets and the opportunities that they might offer. They not only tap into the political expertise and understanding of the EU policy but can also make personal connections with technical and political experts and potential business partners.

Being a member of Euralarm enables companies and associations to gain expertise on standardisation. Members have their voice heard in Brussels and can support and direct standardisation and legislative processes.

Source: Euralarm