Cypress sees OSDP heading into growth phase

Cypress sees OSDP heading into growth phase

SIA’s Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP, see video “What is OSDP“) is quickly becoming the minimum entry requirement for readers in the security industry today. OSDP is expected to be a core requirement for any reader in serious future security projects to protect the customer’s investment because of it’s higher level of security and potentially being an open industry standard for communication of access readers with access control systems and other management systems.

The OSDP breakthrough

OSDP is also in the process of becoming an IEC international standard. Tony Diodato, CTO, Cypress Integration Solutions, Lapeer, Mich., and co-chair of the SIA OSDP Working Group, explains, “SIA’s OSDP is over the ‘earlier adopter’ stage and headed into a growth phase boosted by imminent acceptance as an international standard, as well as the emergence of compliance testing facilities. It enables installers and integrators to finally secure and supervise the connection between reader and control panel as well as provide a means for enhanced features and interoperability among manufacturers.”

Like mobile credentials, OSDP brings advantages on its own, as well. “It is a gateway to enable credentials and readers to rapidly evolve over the next five years, no longer constrained by previous architecture,” Diodato says.

​​The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an access control communication protocol to improve interoperability among access control and security products.

Compared to its Wiegand predecessor, the emerging OSDP standard offers:

  • More Security:  OSDP v2 with Secure Channel protects readers against hacking using AES-128 encryption.​
  • More Functionality:  OSDP uses 2 wires instead of 10+, allows for multi-drop installation, supervises connections to indicate reader malfunctions, is scalable to connect more field devices, and more.
  • More Interoperability:  Using OSDP enables communication among different manufacturers’ devices.
  • More Consistency:  Not only does OSDP provide a concise set of commonly used commands and responses, it eliminates guesswork, since encryption and authentication are predefined.

Cypress keeps a collection of OSDP articles on their website for quick reference, at

Cypress also has released solution to retrofit OSDP into existing access control applications.

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