Cloud-Based Security and Property Management Integration by EasySecure


EasySecure cloud-based security software is integrated with Mews. Mews is a cloud-based property management system built for hoteliers of the future. Mews has an online check-in option and seamless integration with our cloud software. A first installation based on this integration was installed recently.

The first shipment to a new hotel on St. Eustatius
The first shipment to a new hotel on St. Eustatius

Reservations are immediately available in our IdentySoft cloud software and are automatically linked to the right room and facilities such as fitness or meeting rooms. The doors are opened with the DOM Guard. These digital door locks secure every door and look stylish at the same time.

The software is additionally also linked to a software package for planning and payroll. Employee information is imported directly to the software with the appropriate access rights. There is no double data entry and it is known known immediately if employees require access to the restaurant, spa or cash register for example.

Employees register their working hours at EasySecure time registration terminals. This data is immediately available in the connected software package for planning and payroll.

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