Cawamo: Turning any camera into a virtual guard!

Cawamo: Turning any camera into a virtual guard!

Browsing through the contributions in our various LinkedIn groups, we encountered a post from David Yakov, CEO of Cawamo. He was explaining the possibilities that AI was offering security managers to overcome a challenge that many are facing: to make better use of the large installed base of conventional security cameras. We took the opportunity to ask David some additional questions.

David Yakov, CEO of Cawamo

Cawamo adds AI functionality to existing security cameras. Is this a unique approach?

Cawamo’s approach is unique in many ways, we offer high-performance video analytics at BEST cost performance in the market. Our Unique CHAIN (Cawamo Hybrid AI Network) Technology is continuously improving via our proprietary “crowd-sourced” security inputs.

Will this work for any security camera?

We can connect to practically ANY security camera and transform it into a “smart virtual human like guard.”

Another aspect that makes us different is that our unique CHAIN architecture only requires narrow bandwidth connectivity to operate, this makes it possible to connect remote sites with limited connectivity. Cawamo is supplying a full flow end to end solution, from the site to the user interface, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Through AI you are able to detect a variety of objects and events. Which are the most popular services at the moment?

Our system detects accurate and relevant alerts, with virtually no false alarms addressing numerous security and safety requirements. We have built a unique platform that allows us to add new services and make them operational in a very short time. This enables us to develop consistent upgrades and introduce new services to the market on a regular basis.

The most popular types of services include intrusion detection of a person or a car as a basic security service, although many of our clients are using some of our unique detection services such as fire & smoke, suspected robber (a person wearing a helmet), and a few other distinctive services. At the moment our counting solution is getting a lot of attention due to how businesses monitor and control spaces.

You have released some COVID-19 related functionality as part of your cloud services? What is the idea behind it?

As a result of our outstanding technology, Cawamo was the FIRST video analytics company to create unique applications addressing the new COVID-19 guidelines. During the last few months, we received many requests from our clients such as government agencies and hospitals requesting solutions to help curb the spread of the pandemic. We quickly got to work and urgently implemented several useful features in our platform. Cawamo’s high-performance AI and deep machine learning engine can detect people gathering in groups in public areas in real-time and alert the relevant safety authorities – i.e. in shopping malls, commercial and government locations.

Cawamo’s unique technology was the first to develop a video analytics app that can detect and send a vocal alert to people who are not wearing face masks. Cawamo’s powerful processing capabilities also support counting the number of people (in real-time) entering and leaving premises (malls, government or commercial buildings, shops and alike) and raise an alert when reaching the allowed capacity. This unique application performs a “site counting,” simultaneously detecting and collecting inputs from a few entrances/exists.

All events are recorded, including video images of pre- and post-alerts. We believe once clients implement these features it will effectively help slow the spread of the virus within communities.

Can you share some of your personal experience about the market acceptance of cloud-based security systems?

In the market there are mainly two types of solutions: cloud based and edge-based solutions. Cloud based solutions allow an unlimited scalable computing power and offer cloud backup storage for the alerts. The main challenges with cloud systems is that the security cameras’ signals rely on 24/7 video transmission from the site to the cloud and these types of solutions do not have access to the local environment except the cameras.

Edge based solutions do not require any internet connectivity and can offer a full-on site solution. The main challenges these solutions face is the need to replace the existing equipment to a new higher-cost equipment and the practical limit of the computing power which limits their performance vs. high price level.

Cawamo CHAIN hybrid solution combines the benefits from both cloud architecture and edge technology. Our cloud platform allows us to have a scalable nonlimited computing power with cloud storage, while our edge devices works efficiently on-site with a narrow internet connectivity. This with the fact that Cawamo platform can connect to existing security cameras makes our solution practically the best cost/performance solution in the market!

Cawamo: turning any camera into a virtual guard

What are some of the new innovations you are working on? What can we expect from Cawamo in the near and further future?

We are constantly developing and improving new features and services in our platform.

Regarding our super performances, now we are offering a virtual guard which means: if a human can detect an event watching the security cameras – our platform can detect it as well. Soon, our system will be able to detect such security events that are beyond what the human eye can see despite distance and darkness.

Regarding our new services, step-by-step we are progressing to anomaly detection.
Soon Cawamo will introduce a variety of unique services for each of our product lines.

Here are a few examples: For the C-BIZZ (Cawamo Business product line) the platform will soon assist in reducing retail thefts, for the C-HOME (Cawamo residential product line) – protecting kids from possible drowning in a swimming pool, for C-Construct (Cawamo’s construction product line) – construction safety services and for our C-GOV (Cawamo’s government product line) – additional services to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most security platforms require a high level of technical experience to set up, manage and operate. How does your product compare?

Clients are always looking for products that are simple to install, operate and maintain and that was our intention when creating this platform. We offer an “out of the box solution” that can be installed in minutes and operated in seconds at the push of a button.

With quick and easy installation, completed in under 5 minutes; our fully web-based remote updates require virtually zero maintenance and are extremely easy to use. The simplicity of our installation and user-friendly operation makes Cawamo the best choice for everyone, no matter their technical experience.

Is there something else you would like to share with the security industry?

We are changing the rules in the security market by supplying a high-end solution to the mass market at an affordable cost. We are changing the need for users to consistently replace their surveillance systems by providing current and future customers with the BEST OF BREED video surveillance analytics on their existing or new cameras installations, and to greatly improve their security and satisfaction at the most affordable cost.

This will greatly impact the improvements in the security market. We are inviting distributors, resellers, security companies and integration companies in the global market to work with us. We are open to integrate our platform with complimentary security service platforms to work together and make it possible for anyone to secure their homes and businesses with an affordable solution!

In summary, Cawamo is a paradigm shift and a real game changer in AI analytics.

Thank you David and good luck with your business!

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