Call for Input: Physical Security Standards

Call for Input: Physical Security Standards

We are currently preparing a special about technology standards that are in use in physical security. We will try and address three questions:

  1. Which technology standards are currently available?
  2. What is the current adoption rate of that standard?
  3. What is the background for that level of support?
Standards in security

We will try and focus on standards that are specifically relevant to the security technology industry. Besides providing an overview of relevant standards we will try and figure out (and when we do, explain) what the impact of the standards is on the industry.

We are currently looking at the following categories:

  • Card technology (Standards like ISO 14443A)
  • RFID (Standards like EPC Gen II)
  • Biometrics (Standards like like MINEX and FRVT)
  • Access rights (Standards like OSS)
  • Interfacing (Standards like OSDP)
  • Video Surveillance (Standards like ONVIF)
  • Voice/video intercom (Standard like SIP)

Standardized technologies potentially enable a wide vendor-agnostic adoption of that technology. In security we see vendors embracing standards, but also actively avoiding support of standards.

We value your input. This is not a scientific research, but we are curious how security managers, installers and manufacturers feel about standards in our industry. We are looking for input on the following questions:

  1. What standards are you familiar with as vendor or user?
  2. Which standards do you actively support? Why?
  3. Where standards do you specifically not support? Why?
  4. In what areas do you think further standardization would be of great benefit to our industry?
  5. What other input do you have on this topic?

Share your input, preferably by mail with

When providing input, please specify if we can quote you personally or only anonymized. We will actively share the special in our channels.


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