Brivo announces partnerships with Logi Analytics and Securitas Electronic Security

Brivo announces partnerships with Logi Analytics and Securitas Electronic Security

Brivo has recently announced partnerships with Logi Analytics and Securitas Electronic Security. Brivo is a global supplier of cloud-based access control and security platforms for commercial and multifamily properties.

Brivo announces partnerships with Logi Analytics and Securitas Electronic Security

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics enables the analytics layer for software teams. Brivo and Logi Analytics announced a new partnership deploying Logi Composer as part of Brivo’s next-generation security platform.

The newly announced partnership enhances the Brivo customer experience while also providing the company’s engineers greater flexibility with platform development. The analytics capabilities will be embedded in Brivo Access, the 4th-generation building security platform from Brivo that will provide robust data analytics and powerful security features to improve efficiency, enhance safety and provide real-time awareness for all customers.

“Knowledge is power in cybersecurity – and enterprises are dealing with more threats than ever before, says Brett Hansen, CMO at Logi Analytics, “With the Logi Composer offering, Brivo will enable their users to unleash the power of their data with visuals, dashboards and reports seamlessly embedded within the Brivo platform. Bringing advanced analytics into their application workflow will expedite the identification of vulnerabilities or compromises facilitating response. By embedding Logi Composer, Brivo can focus resources on their cloud platform, accelerating innovation on their market-leading access control solution.”

Brivo has been a leader in the cloud security space for 20 years and understands the importance of being able to efficiently and effectively aggregate, analyze, and act upon data when maintaining a strong security posture. Logi Analytics’ expertise in embedded analytics make the company an ideal partner for Brivo’s platform upgrade. Brivo will use Logi Composer to create an enterprise-level data analytics & reporting experience for Brivo customers while keeping it all contained within the Brivo stack.

The platform update comes at critical time for Brivo’s customers, many of which are demanding more real-time data analytics capabilities as they navigate the reopening of offices and manage operational adjustments brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Logi has allowed us to create a very professional and slick user experience around interacting with our large data sets that is both highly-performant and straightforward for our end users—it was the sweet spot we needed,” said Jeff Nielsen, CTO at Brivo.    

Logi Analytics’ experience and understanding of embedded analytics is critical to cybersecurity operations for businesses in 2020 & beyond. These tools help improve visibility of threats and new or overlooked attack vectors, while making it easier for IT professionals to analyze & act on the data without disrupting application workflow. And with enterprises facing increasing frequency of cyber-attacks the need is greater than ever before1. Logi Analytics gives enterprises the ability to strengthen their security  in a cost-effective way while still being able to adapt to a future threat landscape. 

Securitas Electronic Security

Brivo recently also announced a partnership with security solutions provider Securitas Electronic Security, Inc. (SES) to deliver its cloud-based access control, physical security platform technology to new and existing SES clientele. Together, the intelligent security provider and Brivo will expand their ability to meet the growing demand for integrated cloud-based security solutions. This strategic alliance positions SES to supply an expanded suite of security and multifamily solutions which have become particularly essential in today’s environment.

“The evolution to cloud-based security has been part of Brivo’s vision for the past 20 years of operations and the pandemic has escalated the need for remote access control for commercial and multifamily buildings,” says Steve Van Till, CEO at Brivo. “We’re proud to extend our proven solution to our partners, particularly one as esteemed and experienced as Securitas. We look forward to providing better security with such a strong force in the industry.”

Through the partnership, SES will offer the portfolio of Brivo solutions including access control, mobile management and access, video surveillance, identity management, and visitor management.  

“We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Brivo,” said Felix Gonzales, SVP Strategy & Business Development.“ SES has experienced greater demand for cloud-based access control solutions, accelerated by the pandemic. Adding Brivo to our suite of strategic partners enhances the best-in-class electronic security technology options available to our clients.”

“In a market that’s oversaturated with DIY install kits, we’re thrilled to work with a partner like SES who consistently delivers excellence and helps clients get the right system architected for their business,” said Dave Williams, Brivo VP of strategic accounts. 

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