BookedIn or LinkedBook? Are Facebook and LinkedIn merging?

BookedIn or LinkedBook? Are Facebook and LinkedIn merging?

LinkedIn used to be the professional social media hang out place. Facebook was used to digitize your private life. Now we are getting harassed on LinkedIn by all kinds of LinkedIn posts with movies, statements and pictures that only are of a professional nature to the ones that are posting them because they hope to persuade you into handing over some of your hard earned money to them. Facebook on the other hand seems to be making room for all kinds of business related communication and resource sharing.

LinkedIn Facebook is something completely different 😉

We have been running the Security Industry Group on LinkedIn for over a decade now. We have seen it grow from 1 member to 100,000 members quickly. We also witnessed groups from being an experiment to a high profile LinkedIn-feature, back to something that is hardly maintained. The way LinkedIn is treating group owners and all the time and effort they spent on building, maintaining and growing their groups is an absolute disgrace. We just all keep hoping for the better.

Facebook on the other hand seems to be investing in their group feature. As of today their group feature is even available in their app (I saw it at least pop up in my iPhone app.). And looking at the admin-features I cannot help but see the resemblance with what LinkedIn had available a few years ago but threw overboard, apparently because the code-base was badly written and not sufficiently scale-able.

To be prepared I have created a Security Industry Group on Facebook.

Are you on Facebook? Make sure to join!

What do you think? Is Facebook going to be the new LinkedIn? Will LinkedIn divert from their professional business path? Let’s discuss underneath…

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