Author: Hanna Mattar

ANPR Technology: top 10 applications

ANPR Technology: Top 10 Applications Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) is incredibly popular and the technology is widely applied in the traffic and mobility industry, but also in the security industry. We talked about what to look for in an ANPR system before. Today we would like to have a […]

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Special: Best Long range RFID Manufacturers

Special: Best Long Range RFID Manufacturers Just as our post-COVID world strives for hygiene, cleanliness, and distancing so will our technology. Shifting the paradigm from close contact identification to contact-less or long range identification is what many of our security partners are pushing for. Our partners, EasySecure & FaceMe, now allow you to enter secure […]

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Special: The State of Video Management Systems in 2020

Special: The State of Video Management Systems in 2020 Secured facilities nowadays often host an incalculable amount of IP video cameras and CCTV systems. Theoretically, the more eyes we have on our premises, the more secure we appear to be. However, in a practical sense, the myriad of physical connections, storage devices, and unique access […]

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