ANPR Technology: top 10 applications

ANPR Technology: Top 10 Applications

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) is incredibly popular and the technology is widely applied in the traffic and mobility industry, but also in the security industry. We talked about what to look for in an ANPR system before.

Today we would like to have a look at typical applications of ANPR technology. ANPR today probably is the most used technology to identify vehicles. The biggest advantage, when compared to UHF (long range RFID) for example, is that license plates are already installed on the vehicle. Which means that no additional labels or tags are needed to identify the vehicle. Below are 10 of the most popular applications of ANPR technology that we see today.

Top 10 ANPR Applications

10. Vehicle Access Control

vehicle entrance
Vehicle Access Control

When secure parameters are required, nothing comes close to the flexibility of an ANPR camera. Its high detection rate based on license plates is a great solution for access control application, especially when considering the alternatives, such as security personnel or logistically expensive RFID systems. ANPR combines convenience and high volume traffic throughput with basic security levels. For high-security application multi-factor authentication may be an option. ANPR can ensure authorized vehicles are allowed entry to specific zones through its external connections to gate barriers, alarm systems, or even video management systems (VMS).

9. Data Collection in Smart Cities

ANPR Camera Data
Data Collection

A major trend in our modern world is the urbanization of our countries. People are moving away from rural areas and often prefer living in cities. With the increase in traffic in these cities, local governments sometimes struggle to understand the current and future mobility requirements of citizens and visitors. ANPR is more and more used to analyze free flowing traffic at several locations in the city. Modern ANPR cameras can not only read plates, but they can provide valuable additional information, like counting information, direction, vehicle classes and vehicle speed.

8. Mobile and Stationary Police Surveillance

Police Car with ANPR
Police Surveillance

The epitome of security is giving police patrol cars the ability to detect, extract, and research number plates on the go. Placed atop the car’s roof, this exemplary mobile ANPR can read at high speeds and have the information processed in a dedicated black box that’s placed in the trunk. One the leading mobile ANPR in today’s market is definitely Tattile with a variety of reading ranges and analytics add-ons that helps the police force bring safety and peace of mind to their respective communities. Of course ANPR camera are also installed in fixed locations throughout the city. For real-time and large scale monitoring and effective research in case of incidents related to crime or terror.

7. Red Light Enforcement

ANPR Camera Red Light Enforcement
Red Light Enforcement

As with people breaking speed limits, people unlawfully cross red light signals too endangering people’s lives and their own. Fortunately, ANPR cameras can identify whoever illegally crosses a red light intersection by saving or sending to authority pictures, videos, and text information for utmost confirmation. Modern ANPR camera’s, like Tattile’s Smart Traffic Light cameras can be installed and setup at intersection with no external connections or circuitry required, making it one of most advanced plug&play ANPR cameras worldwide.

6. Speed Enforcement

ANPR Speed Enforcement
Speed Enforcement

Cars keep getting faster and roads keep getting bigger forcing governments to adapt for public safety. That’s where ANPR’s innovative technology comes into play where vehicles traveling in speeds of up to 250 km/h can be captured with 99% accuracy. International studies show that the number of lethal accidents at ANPR-monitored roads decrease up to 50%. Skilled ANPR vendors will be able to provide speed enforcement at single road points and at tracks of a specific length.

5. Tolling

ANPR Camera Tolling
Tolling Application

ANPR is used more and more in toll road applications. Both in stop-and-go and in free-flow tooling systems ANPR is used. Often in combination with a variety of other technologies. Switching from the primitive manned gate control to the advanced stand-alone technology that allows for record keeping, analytics, and gate control all in an embedded camera. With no external requirements necessary, modern ANPR systems show great detection performance and accurate identification. An example of a camera that is suitable for a tolling application is Tattile’s VEGA SMART 2HD.

4. EV Charging Stations

ANPR Camera EV
EV Charging

With the rise of Electrical Vehicles, dedicated stations have been popping up in popular commercial and residential areas. Some of these stations require minimal fee or have a designated premier parking spot. ANPR cameras helps bring enforcement and easy of payment to these stations. With suitable software, automated payment and non-EV enforcement will become as secure and efficient.

3. Dynamic Traffic Management

ANPR Camera Traffic
Traffic Management

When combined with analytics and big data, ANPR cameras bring unmatched management to traffic ridden areas. Some of these analysis include traffic density, slow down, queue, and wrong direction that can be connected most popular VMS and alerting systems to allow easier overview and faster actions. Modern traffic management focus on V2X technology to collect information from vehicles. ANPR may be a great additional source of information that can help make automated decision about where to guide traffic in smart cities.

2. Limited Traffic Zones


Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ) are zones in cities where only vehicles are allowed that meet certain conditions. It could be related to congestions charging, but also to vehicles classification. Local governments aim to protect busy historical areas, downtown pavilions, environmental sensitive areas or critical bridges with ease. Connecting an ANPR camera with visual classification abilities enable automated of governmental policies and they can also help elevate the workload from government officials.

1. Ticketless Parking

ANPR Camera Parking
Ticket-less parking management

We’re all familiar with the parking entrance and exists queues. These queues elongate and take more time when tickets and payments take place. It’s safe to say that ANPR cameras have changed these for the better with recent installations of ticket-less parking system. Using accurate ANPR cameras, users (with a subscription) can easily enter a commercial parking facility without stopping. Connected software keeps track of the time stamp and outstanding payment. Rendering tickets unnecessary and making whole parking experience better for users and operators alike. A local kiosk and a website are available for new users that have not subscribed yet. Besides an improved customer journey, these ticket-less parking facilities usually show an improved overall occupancy rate.

These are some of the most popular ANPR applications that we see today. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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