An App For Forensic Awareness by Crime Scene Assist

An App for forensic awareness by Crime Scene Assist

The security industry is an interesting industry in which a wide variety of technology is used for all kinds of applications. At we try and increase awareness about these systems and the technology that is used. Many topics have been covered: from hacking access cards to mobile access control, from ANPR to using AI for emotion detection and from security convergence to disruptive technologies. An App For Forensic Awareness by Crime Scene Assist

Vendors can join as a premium vendor or they can choose to join as a free vendor. And sometimes we are surprised with the smart innovation that vendors are offering. The most recent surprising innovation is contributed by vendor Crime Scene Assist, who have release a forensic awareness app.

About Crime Scene Assist

Crime Scene Assist Ltd was established in 2019 by Managing Directors Angela Davies and Dionne Watson. The business is the Digital Sister company of Award-Winning, CSI Training and Events Ltd, which Angela and Dionne have been successfully running since 2012.

Both Managing Directors are ex-Crime Scene Investigators, having spent several years in Northumbria Police, the UK’s 6th largest force, prior to establishing CSI Training and Events Ltd. During their 8 years in business, both directors have gained a wealth of experience in developing and delivering Crime Scene and Forensic Training and Events for people of all ages and abilities, across a number of sectors, working both nationally and internationally.

Further, the pair maintained CPD and have kept their field skills current, deploying as Mass Disaster Consultants, to a number of International Air Disasters.

In addition to the two Managing Director’s, Crime Scene Assist Ltd also has two highly respected Non-Executive Directors on the board, Brian Rankin, and Angela Whitworth. Both Brian and Angela bring a wealth of skill, knowledge, and experience, from the fields of: Forensics, Disaster Response, Quality Assurance, Development and Delivery of Training and Teaching materials, and Business.


Our aim is to ‘Make Forensic Awareness Second Nature for First Responders’ and improve overall Forensic Standards, through digital training solutions.

During our 8 years in business, we have frequently been asked whether any of our training is accessible online. Further, after delivering Forensic Awareness training to a number of frontline responders including; Paramedics and Security groups, it became apparent that our training was valuable and much needed, however, it needed to be much further reaching than our capability with face-to face training. Hence, Crime Scene Assist Ltd was born.

The App

Our first product is a Forensic Awareness App, Crime Scene Assistant. The app is a scene aide memoir and learning tool, designed for anyone who has the potential to be the first in attendance at a Crime Scene.

Working as Forensic Practitioners, Disaster Responders and Trainers, we have been continuously exposed to the lack of Forensic Awareness amongst those who are often the first in attendance at a Crime Scene.

In our experience, we have observed poor scene preservation and the mishandling of evidence countless times, and we have witnessed the impact this has both on frontline responder resources (including losing personnel, clothing, equipment and vehicles to the investigation) and the overall investigation.

Initial actions at a crime scene can make or break an investigation. We believe that Crime Scene contamination and loss of evidence occurs due to a lack of training. Many professionals encounter Crime Scenes and Forensic Evidence within their job role, yet most Frontline Responders do not receive any training, with Police Officers receiving minimal training.

We are not trying to turn every responder into a Crime Scene Investigator. We recognise that different roles have different priorities, that preservation of life must always come first, and evidence preservation or recovery secondary to that. However, we believe that with the right tools and training, preservation and recovery of evidence can become automatically integrated into practice, so that it becomes second nature. We also believe that just a few small changes to practice could have a significant impact upon first response interaction with crime scenes.

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