ACRE to acquire RS2 Technologies

ACRE to acquire Indiana based RS2 Technologies

ACRE announced the 18th of April 2019 that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RS2 Technologies in Munster, Indiana. This purchase is intended to enhance ACRE’s strategic expansion plans for strengthening its access control business and product portfolio.

Following on from the recent acquisition of Open Options in December of 2018, ACRE continues to build its access control strength and reach in the North American market. ACRE’s portfolio now consists of Vanderbilt, Open Options, RS2 and Comnet. According to ACRE it is now capable of providing a robust offering to meet the needs across many verticals and the requirements of simple applications to very complex enterprise systems.

RS2, founded in 1998, has long prided itself on the use of an open architecture platform approach in order to provide a broad product offering working with a multitude of technology partners. The RS2 platform was designed to easily integrate with other security system components.

Joe Grillo - ACRE CEO
Joe Grillo, CEO of ACRE

ACRE’s CEO, Joseph Grillo, stated that this transaction continues to expand ACRE’s competitive position in a highly fragmented market with great growth potential. “The acquisition of RS2 boosts ACRE’s portfolio in the access control market and provides us one more seat at the table in a highly competitive market with many companies vying for the same work”, commented Grillo. “ACRE will continue to look for strategic opportunities to build the portfolio with complementary, albeit competitive, acquisitions.”