Access control with your mobile phone now available at EasySecure

Access control with your mobile phone now available at EasySecure

Mobile Access Control is now available at EasySecure International. Safe, easy and works with both iPhone and Android phones.

Suprema Mobile Access allows you to use your own smartphone as a key to access doors, register attendance, register time and more. By using your smartphone as a credential, managing and using an access card becomes a lot easier, faster, and safer.

EasySecure Mobile Access with Suprema

Issuing and revoking an access card become a lot easier. Suprema Mobile Access shortens the period of issuing cards by directly sending you a download link for an app via email. Once you get the link, tap it and install the app on your smartphone.As you use your own smartphone as a credential, it reduces the risk of loss and maintenance expenses on purchasing or replacing physical cards.

Suprema Mobile Access supports both NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which means this mobile access card is perfectly compatible with various types of smartphones, such as iPhones and Android phones. With Suprema’s exclusive technology, mobile access cards work seamlessly without waking up your smartphone.

The mobile solutions are both available with EasySecure’s cloud platform and local BioStar solution.

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