Exclusive message for security vendors…

Exclusive message for security vendors…

Thank you for considering to join this new initiative for the security industry.

The largest online physical security community!

The Security Industry Group is the largest physical security group on Linkedin, with over 114,000 members. In addition we manage subgroups with an additional 25,000 members and an email-database of over 45,000 professionals.

Security Industry Group Demographics

Our members come from all over the world and are active at end user organizations as security manager or security professional. Consultants and security manufacturers and integrators are also well represented in the group. Over 40% of group members are in management positions. Over 17% even in senior management.

We are committed to support your marketing efforts and would like act as an extension of your own channels. Our own Explicate Marketing Model can help us streamline our collaboration with you. If you would like to learn more, please see our Security Industry Group Media Kit:

Proud partner of Security On Screen

We are proud partners of Security On Screen. Security On Screen is an initiative from security media veteran Peter Mawson. Security On Screen delivers high quality content to our industry, mostly in professional video formats!

Security On Screen partnership SOS

SIG and SOS can, in combination, deliver you the best support for your marketing and PR campaigns possible. To learn about some od the possibilities, please review the Security On Screen Media Kit:

Join now!

Be ahead of your competition. Join today and be one the first companies to be profiled on SecIndGroup.com. For only 499 Euro per year you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Present yourself and up to 12 of your major products on the site. Need help? We will put the info online for you. Have more products? Let us know!
  • You will receive an account which will enable to edit content yourself.
  • Products will feature in self-explanatory categories and will be easily found by potential clients!
  • You will feature with your brand name at least once in an announcement to over 125k LinkedIn group members.
  • You will feature at least four times every year in an interview, technology special or other website feature, which will be posted on the site, in relevant LinkedIn groups and other media channels.
  • We will speak to your marketing executive personally and align go-to-market strategies for new releases or other important corporate messages you may have to share.

Ask yourself how much money you are spending on trade shows. Make a small annual investment in this online security trade show. Potential buyers will contact you directly. We do not intervene. We do not want a commission. We just wish to see you succeed in growing your business.

If you just want to joint the ride and see how we progress, you can now also join for freeThe free membership plan still entitles you to register as a vendor and present two of your best products on the site. You can follow what we do and learn first-hand about exciting new features that are coming up.

Click the button below to join today!

Join Now!

Subscriptions can be terminated at any time. Just send me an email or call me to let me know. Also feel free to contact me when you have questions, ideas or remarks you would like to discuss.

Still not convinced? Check out this SPECIAL PROMOTION!

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