Exclusive message for security vendors…

Exclusive message for security vendors…

Thank you for considering to join this new initiative for the security industry.

Our three-way approach to make your brand shine!

As you’ve heard in the video above. This is not just another website with products and adverts. In fact: we do not place adverts or banners on the site. But we do three things to make your brand and your products look good and help your potential clients really understand the added value of the technology that is used in your products and systems.

The three-way approach of SecIndGroup.com
The three-way approach of SecIndGroup.com

Presenting your products on SecIndGroup.com will help them to be spotted by security managers, consultants or integrators that are looking for a solution to their challenge. And now they know you might be able to help them. We will strengthen your brand image by making sure you are part of interviews, technology specials, market research reports and other content we are releasing. We will also make sure that visitors of our channels are educated about concepts, ideas and technologies that are related to your products so they will value what you have to offer.

A great marketing channel!

The Security Industry Group is the largest physical security group on Linkedin, with over 101,000 members. In addition we manage subgroups with an additional 25,000 members.

SecIndGroup.com media channels
SecIndGroup.com media channels

We have large personal networks. Our database for digital mailings is already over 50k people large. And we have just begun setting up other media channels. We are not strong believers of pushing irrelevant content to large groups of people. Our proven and tested SEO strategy is based upon the belief that valuable, relevant and practical information will lead to the best SEO results. In the months ahead of us we expect to see a steep increase in search-initiated traffic.

We are committed to support your marketing efforts and would like act as an extension of your own channels. Our own Explicate Marketing Model can help us streamline our collaboration with you.

Join for free!

We are just getting started. We have great things planned for later this year. New website sections, e-learning content, event reports and some other ideas. Be ahead of your competition. Join today and be one the first companies to be profiled on SecIndGroup.com. For only 499 Euro per year you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Present yourself and up to 10 of your major products on the site. Need help? We will put the info online for you. Have more products? Let us know!
  • You will receive an account which will enable to edit content yourself.
  • Products will feature in self-explanatory categories and will be easily found by potential clients!
  • You will feature with your brand name at least once in an announcement to over 100k LinkedIn group members.
  • You will feature at least twice every year in an interview, technology special or other website feature, which will be posted on the site, in relevant LinkedIn groups and other media channels.
  • We will speak to your marketing executive personally and align go-to-market strategies for new releases or other important corporate messages you may have to share.

Ask yourself how much money you are spending on trade shows. Make a small annual investment in this online security trade show. Potential buyers will contact you directly. We do not intervene. We do not want a commission. We just wish to see you succeed in growing your business.

If you just want to joint the ride and see how we progress, you can now also join for freeThe free membership plan still entitles you to register as a vendor and present two of your best products on the site. You can follow what we do and learn first-hand about exciting new features that are coming up.

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Subscriptions can be terminated at any time. Just send me an email or call me to let me know. Also feel free to contact me when you have questions, ideas or remarks you would like to discuss.

Marketeers are also invited to download the Security Industry Group Media Kit v1.

Still not convinced? Check out this SPECIAL PROMOTION!

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