Video: What is security convergence? question of the day: Ep. 10 – What is security convergence?

Episode 10: “Hey Maarten, what is security convergence?” Maarten Mijwaart from tries answering questions that are relevant to the security industry. This week’s question: What is security convergence? What is exactly converged?

Security convergence refers to efforts and systems that aim to combine physical and information security, at a technical, functional and organisational level. The basic idea is that conceptually there should be no difference in providing access to a building or to an application or to directories or files. Monitoring physical activity and digital activity with security in mind both serve the same purpose: ensuring business continuity. It is one of those topics that the industry has been talking about for a long time. A number of vendors have put a lot of effort in addressing the theme with the launch of all kinds of products and services. With mixed results. Worldwide there seem to be great implementations that work well. But their numbers are not astonishing and it sometimes remains unclear what the convergence level is that was accomplished.

Let’s have a look at the topic and try and use a simplified example to illustrate what exactly is converged when trying to combine physical and information security.

Topics addressed:

  • Security convergence
  • SSO – Single Sign On
  • IAM – Identity and Access Management
  • SIEM – Security Information and Event Management
  • ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

The video is not in-depth and certainly not complete. Remarks? Additions? Questions? Share them!


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